Boston Celtics Great Announcer Johnny Most Not Hall Worthy?

By Rob Nelson

BOSTON- There are many travesties of justice in the world of the NBA, but some are more egregious than others. I learned of one today that I just believe is inconceivably possible. While reading the blog Celticsgreen (sweet site), I learned Boston Celtics legendary announcer Johnny Most IS NOT in the NBA hall of fame to make one of the largest slights in the history of basketball.

The Boston Celtics are a legendary franchise that has won seventeen NBA titles. They have created legendary moments like John Havlicek stealing the ball to send Wilt Chamberlain home again without a ring, Larry Bird stealing the ball against the Detroit Pistons and sending the perfect pass to Dennis Johnson to steal a playoff win, and of course Bill Russell famously winning one last title against the heavily favored Los Angeles Lakers are a few of the memorable moments from Celtics history. What do every one of these moments have in common? Johnny Most and his famous raspy voice called every single moment.

Most from 1953 to 1990 was the voice of the Celtics. He called sixteen NBA championships for Boston and even more counting the few times the team broke his heart and lost in the Finals. This means Most called the Russell and Chamberlain wars. Most called the Dave Cowens and John Havlicek era Celtics of the 70s that captured a couple titles. Most was the voice of the Larry Bird and Dr. J rivalry and the Bird and Magic Johnson wars. There may be one man with a resume as solid in NBA announcing, but none better.

Johnny Most belongs in the Basketball Hall Of Fame. Most was the voice behind the legends of the Boston Garden. Most announced with a flair and love of the Celtics that can only be rivaled by his good friend Tom Heinsohn. Before there was Tommy there was Johnny. The fact Most has not joined Tommy in the Hall is inexcusable.

There is a Facebook page movement to get Johnny in the Hall Of Fame that I do not think will get much accomplished, but I am so outraged I liked it on principle. I urge everyone to write the Hall, David Stern, and anyone else that is important to get this long over due honor bestowed on this great announcing legend. Until this matter is resolved I no longer view the basketball hall of fame as the true standard that it should be due to this glaring omission. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!

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