Jersey Power Rankings Gives the Denver Nuggets' Uni a Subpar Spot

By nbamistress

A jersey is a fashion staple in any fan’s ensemble, go to any arena from the Staples Center of the Los Angeles Lakers to the Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks, you will see throngs of team aficionados donning their team jerseys even in a mid-market team like the Denver Nuggets.

Some are iconic such as the Boston Celtics Irish green jerseys and some reak of mediocrity like the Sacramento Kings jerseys. ESPN recently posted Uni Watch Power Rankings in which they ranked the MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL separately, as well as, the 122 teams together. While the Nuggets are getting rave reviews for their trading prowess, they are not getting them for their jerseys.

The Celtics ranked number one among NBA teams, but Denver was ranked 18th — OUCH! — among the league. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Nuggets ranked 84th (out of the 122 teams) overall. Here is what ESPN said about Denver’s uni design:

Not a terrible design, but there’s something about those super-rounded numbers that feels a bit juvenile, like they’re saying, “Don’t take us seriously.” Aside from that, this is your basic so-so NBA design — nothing special, nothing awful.

I don’t think Denver deserved to be in the top 10 at all, but their jerseys are not that atrocious. I have personal experience as I am a jersey collector ranging from 90’s era Chicago Bulls jerseys to current Miami Heat jerseys and, of course, a plethora of Nuggets jerseys ranging from the hideous skyline 80”s layout — which I LOVE — to the current jerseys.

The author’s biggest complaint are the “rounded numbers” and that’s something I actually like. It’s a different take on the stick straight numbering and lettering, but let’s be frank, he just may not be a fan of the blue and yellow color scheme.

The Nuggets’ jersey represents what the team encompasses; nothing frilly, but sticking to the basics; something that carries over into their system of play in Denver.

One man’s negative opinion is another (wo)man’s treasured commentary.


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