Boston Celtics: Guard Courtney Lee Was A Huge Pick Up

By Rob Nelson

BOSTON- The Boston Celtics made many splashes this NBA offseason. The draft yielded a stud in Jared Sullinger for the Celtics as well as a solid project big man in Fab Melo. The Celtics then landed talented scorer Jason Terry to help the struggling offense. The Celtics also resigned Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox to add further scoring depth to this team. Even the misses for the Celtics like Judas…. Ray Allen defecting to the Miami Heat made major waves.

However, one of the most important signings did not really get the attention that it should have. When the Boston Celtics pulled off the sign and trade that landed Courtney Lee, the Celtics landed a major piece to the championship puzzle. Lee may not be a super star, but he is a talented player that will fill an important role for this 2013 Celtics.

When starting shooting guard Avery Bradley had surgery to repair his shoulders this off season and was ruled unable to be ready for the start of the year, it left a major hole in Boston’s lineup. Bradley is the best on ball defender on the team and replacing him would not be easy. The Celtics needed to fill the role with a solid defender that could still provide some solid shooting. The player did not have to be a carry the offense shooter, but he needed to be able to keep teams honest. These types of players are not as easy to find as people think.

The fact is even Ray Allen would not have filled the Bradley hole. Ray is still a great shooter and brings solid offense to the table. However, his defense is no longer there. Many times last season before the famous ankle injuries Ray was a liability on defense as his man routinely ate him alive and forced guys like Kevin Garnett to help out too much exposing the paint to driving players.

Lee can fill the Bradley void. Lee may not be as good a defender as Bradley, but he more than serviceable. Lee has solid length and has a great ability to get the positioning needed to give the opposition fits defensively. Lee came up in the defensive minded Stan Van Gundy led Orlando Magic and thus Doc Rivers defense first theme should be no problem for the young veteran.

Lee is also a solid shooter. Lee has an excellent mid range shot. Lee’s long range shot is not tremendous and he will probably settle for the shot more than he should, but he will at least keep defenses honest. Lee can also score off the drive.

The fact is Courtney Lee is the perfect fit in the Boston Celtics starting lineup while Avery Bradley recovers. Lee filling the void is huge because the team can now keep Jason Terry as the scorer off the bench that it desperately needs. The fact is the Lee acquisition is huge in Boston and deserves more credit. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!

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