Miami Heat Guard Dwyane Wade Jokes with David Letterman

By nbamistress

Dwyane Wade, of the Miami Heat, is busy on a promotional tour for his family-value focused book , “A Father First: How my life became bigger than basketball,” the superstar guard took time out of his busy book tour and stopped by “The Late Show with David Letterman to joke about Jeremy Lin and the Brooklyn Nets, as well as discussing his book.

Letterman began the segment by joking about Lin.

“We used to have a guy named Jeremy Lin, you remember Jeremy Lin? . . . You’ve heard of Jeremy Lin?”

Needless to say, Wade chuckled and ushered reassurances that Lin will do just fine with the Houston Rockets, although he did unveil that’s the quickest he had seen anyone gain noteriety.

The next subject was the Nets move to Brooklyn, and Wade’s reaction was priceless. He replied that he was ecstatic about the move from Newark, New Jersey and then said the following:

“I like playing in Newark, it was great.”

This was followed by a hushed love of the move, again. Wade is such a charming character and an underrated comedian. To top it off, he appeared in blue pants and a goldish blazer, which is similar to the colors of Letterman’s hometown team, the Indiana Pacers.

The same Indiana Pacers that the Miami Heat kicked out of the Eastern Conference semifinals this past playoff season.

What I admire the most about the appearances of professional athletes on the late-night talk show circuit, is it gives us a glimpse of their true personalities.

Often times, we see them raw with emotion after winning a huge game or see them nail a game0winning shot, but in an environment we see them like we should, as humans.


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