New Orleans Hornets Lose Big By Not Signing PG Scott Machado

By Michael Elworth

Scott Machado probably had as bad of a draft night as anyone in recent memory. The nation’s leader in assists, was universally considered an early to mid second round pick, but surprisingly fell out of the draft.

It is truly impossible to know what that feels like, but after a very successful Summer League playing for the Houston Rockets, he proved to everyone that he deserved a shot in the NBA. The Rockets agreed and have given him a partially guaranteed three year contract, which is actually a better contract than most second round picks receive.

As solid of a pickup as he was for Houston, as he should be their second or third point guard, the New Orleans Hornets should have jumped all over him and brought him to the Big Easy.

For now the the Hornets only have one true point guard on the roster, Greivis Vasquez and the fact that one of the best pure point guards in recent college basketball memory was sitting unsigned and they passed, is a huge mistake. The Hornets have been adamant that they hope that top ten pick Austin Rivers will become their franchise point guard, however his play in Summer League, at Duke and in high school have shown that he would be best served as a high level scoring guard.

For now the Hornets can hope for more, but he does not seem to have the sharing mindset to set up a team on a full time basis. He is an excellent ball-handler, but his court vision and passing are somewhat lax and
he is such a good scorer, that it would be foolish to try and turn him into something that he is not.

He could be a marginal point guard, but he has a chance to be an elite scorer and that should not be messed around with.

If Rivers does not prove suitable as a point guard, the team will be left with Vasquez, who although is a solid point guard, should be upgraded. This is not saying that an undrafted rookie (Machado), would have been able to take his job, but it would be nice to have someone pushing him and a true backup to run the second unit.

It is simply not wise to let a promising player, at a position of need get away and Machado could have been very good to the Hornets. It will be interesting to see how the point guard situation plays out, but for now they seem shorthanded at point guard.

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