Los Angeles Lakers: Dwight Howard To Begin Working With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

By Joshua Casey

One of the more famous stories around the Los Angeles Lakers land is one about Andrew Bynum, who is now with the Philadelphia 76ers, and his bad attitude, go figure. While with the Lakers Bynum decided to take up some lessons withLaker legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The two worked together for a few years, but the relationship stopped abruptly when Bynum declared that he had learned all he needed to know from possibly the greatest center of all-time. The move was certainly telling of the way that Bynum’s attitude and the way he viewed himself.

So, for the past few years, Kareem has had no one to mentor and has been ostracized from the Lakers organization, that is until now. Yesterday a fan tweeted at Dwight Howard asking if he would be willing to work with Kareem, Howard’s response is as follows, “I am. When I’m released.”

“When I’m released” is in reference to Howard still not being medically cleared to play, although Howard should be fine for the beginning of the season October 3oth when the Lakers take on the Dallas Mavericks at home.

This recent news is great for Laker fans and shows how Howard is truly dedicating himself to improve probably his weakest facet of his game, his post moves. Kareem was the master of the only unblockable shot in NBA history, the sky-hook.

With the speed and quickness that Howard possesses, which is 100 times better than Bynum’s, there is no telling how much good Kareem can do for Howard.

Mastering the sky-hook would be just about the only thing that Kareem could work to improve with Howard because, although as I said before Howard’s weakest part of his game is his post moves, those post moves that he does have are still better than a lot of centers in the league. The fact that Howard dunks so much is just a telling sign of how truly dominant he is. He can get to nearly any spot in the post that he wants at any time.

Howard could master about 20% of the sky-hook and still be dominant with it solely because he would be shooting it from about three feet away.

It would be a very high percentage shot is what I’m trying to say. Howard certainly does not need Kareem for the fundamentals of the game like Bynum did, Bynum’s footwork out of high school was downright atrocious, so there is really no telling on what they will work on outside of the sky-hook.

The one thing that is for certain, though is that Howard has dedicated himself to improving all he can to help his team win.


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