Philadelphia 76ers Player Rankings: ESPN lists Dorell Wright at 182

By Dave Hilts and the TrueHoop Network are currently ranking every player in the NBA – a tradition that began just this past season.  The rankings are being counted down (from 500 to 1) on ESPN’s NBA Twitter page; and were determined by a panel of 104 experts who gave each player a rating between 0 and 10.


Most recently, Dorell Wright’s position on the list was announced at 182 with a rating of 4.54 – slightly better than, free agent, Leandro Barbosa; and slightly worse than, Golden State’s replacement for him, Richard Jefferson.  Both Barbosa and Jefferson also share a rating of 4.54.


Coming off a less than stellar follow-up year to his break-out season of 2010-11, Wright has dropped 30 spots in the list of 500, and 0.27 in the rating scale of 0-to-10 (Wright was previously ranked 152 at 4.81 out of 10).


This past season, Wright saw a decrease in minutes by more than ten per game.  This decrease in floor time led to 6 points and 1.5 assists being shed off his touted 2010-11 season averages.  Wright also shot a little worse from behind the arc (with 2 shots less per game), and his field goal percentage remained the same while getting at least five less shots per game.


In terms of projecting his worth in Philadelphia, based on ESPN’s previous rankings, Wright, with this year’s current rating, would have been slotted behind Evan Turner and Lou Williams – and ahead of Spencer Hawes and Jodie Meeks; however, currently, only Jodie Meeks has been named in this year’s rankings.


At the current rank of 182, Wright is assumed to be a low end option for a team’s sixth man (technically, the second best seventh man in the league). 


Luckily, despite maybe a potential starting gig (a la Jodie Meeks), Wright will not be relied on to play any more minutes than a normal bench player would.  His ability to score and defend will be used when needed – making his rating of 182 easily acceptable for the role his is going to play. 


Philadelphia fans should be excited for the team’s acquisition of Wright (not upset over his drop in worth) – and hey, anything is better than Jodie Meeks. 

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