2012-13 New Orleans Hornets Hopes (Part 4 of 4)

By Michael Elworth

16. Anthony Davis Shows Developed Offensive Game

Everyone already knows of Davis’ elite defensive gifts, but Davis needs some work if he wants to have an elite offensive game as well. What he does well is hitting short-medium range jump shots, creating second chance opportunities for himself and he does have a few nifty low post moves. He is good enough to average 15 points per game, but Hornet fans have to be hoping he can get closer to 18-20 points per game. It will be interesting to see if he comes into the season with an improved offensive game and if it slowly gets better throughout the year. Here is to hoping, because if he does improve, he could be one of the best players in the NBA very fast.

17. Austin Rivers Passes

Austin Rivers is an elite offensive player, able to score at will and there is nothing that he cannot do when it comes to racking up points, but if he wants to reach his full potential, he has to become a team player. There were rumblings that players at Duke did not enjoy playing with Rivers as
he does have ball-hogging tendencies and was often not a team player. Rivers has all of the talent in the world and should become a dynamic NBA player, whether at point guard or as a scoring sixth man, but he must pass the ball and involve his teammates, because NBA players will not tolerate selfish play and they could shut him out. A player on the outs by his own team cannot hope to reach their full potential, especially a young and unproven player.

18. Eric Gordon Makes the All-Star Game

Gordon will be given the keys to the offense and will be trusted as the team’s leader on offense and with his talent and the green light given he could average in the mid-twenties per game in points. He is also a standout defender, a solid passer and a more than capable distributor and if the New Orleans Hornets are competitive, his stats could force him into the All-Star game.

19. Hornets Make the Playoffs

This is not likely, but every fan hopes for a brighter tomorrow and the playoffs would certainly be an amazing turnaround. The playoffs are probably still a year away, but the team is so talented that it is impossible to count them out.

20. Monty Williams is Years’ Top Coach

Williams will not have a chance unless the team makes the playoffs, but if they did, Williams would certainly have to be near the top of the voting for the Coach of the Year. The team is one of the league’s youngest and are not expected to be playoff ready for at least a year, but if they somehow made it, Williams would most likely be acknowledged as the NBA’s top coach.



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