Brian Scalabrine Turns Down Chicago Bulls Coaching Offer; Will Become A Boston Celtics Commentator Instead

By Alejandro Aviles

Former Chicago Bulls player Brian Scalabrine was offered a spot on the Bulls’ coaching staff recently and many thought that Scalabrine would no doubt take the job. However, it was revealed today that Scalabrine has turned down the coaching job and will instead serve on the Boston Celtics broadcast team.

Scalabrine spent five years with the Celtics before coming to the Bulls and he has been a favorite every where he has played. I have to admit that I was hoping Scalabrine would join the Bulls coaching staff because it is clear that head coach Tom Thibodeau trusts Scalabrine a lot and he would have made a nice addition to the staff.

Scalabrine returns to the Celtics where he won an NBA championship in 2008. Scalabrine was just as beloved in Boston as he was in Chicago and it is fitting for him to return to Boston. The “White Mamba” as Bulls fans called him will take his broadcasting talents back to Boston where he already has some broadcasting experience.

Scalabrine’s broadcasting gig will be a trial run and he will be a color commentator for at least 11 games, according to a report by Scalabrine will also provide some in studio analysis in addition to his color commentary. Furthermore, last season Scalabrine provided in studio analysis for the Celtics’ playoff run and he did a fine job.

Despite taking this commentating job Scalabrine is still interested in playing basketball but he has not received any offers. I thought that Scalabrine was great for Chicago in providing a spark as the celebrated 12th man, but it appears that his heart and loyalties were always with Boston.

The legend of the “White Mamba” continues, only now it will be in the studio instead of on the basketball court.


Alejandro Aviles is a writer for Rant Sports.

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