ESPN Ranks Eddy Curry NBA's Worst Player: Curry Just Happy Someone Remembers Him

By Colin Flosi

ESPN has begun their offseason NBA player rankings; starting at number 500 and working their way all the down to number one, which is to be revealed in the coming weeks.

While most people who check out the list are more interested in how the top-1o will turn out, I am much more excited to discover who the panel of experts has decided is the worst player in the entire league. I had been kicking around possibilities in the weeks leading up to the release of the list; and if I had the chance, I was going to bet it all on Jason Collins (when you are only in the NBA to guard a single player, and he is the one looking forward to the match-up, you must not be that good) and not look back.

Although I may have put a side bet on Jamaal Magloire just to be safe. (After all, The Big Cat has been reduced to playing only when a flagrant foul is needed these days)

However, when the list finally released, I was shocked to see who came in at #500: Eddy Curry.

The most surprising thing is not that Eddy Curry is the worst basketball player in the NBA. That has been apparent since he put on weight a few years back as though he planned on hibernating until a team needed a big-bodied center. (If you were editing a player in NBA 2k12, for every pound you added on to Curry, it would have been necessary to drop another point of his rating). No, the real surprise came with the realization that ESPN was kind enough to actually consider Curry when making the list.

It is true; Curry got another chance in the NBA last season with the Miami Heat. But face it, the only positive thing to say about that experiment was that he actually survived until the end of the season.

While Curry did recently had a workout with the Brooklyn Nets, the fact that Hilton Armstrong was also present leads me to believe that instead of battling for a roster spot, both players were actually fighting for last place in next years player rankings instead.

I can already imagine Eddy Curry getting out of bed a few weeks ago, conducting his daily search of his own name, and being absolutely ecstatic that an article took the time to list him. (Just imagine how happy he will be when this piece is published, devoted entirely to him!)

The chances that Curry gets another opportunity to make an NBA roster are paltry at best, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be trying.

After all , if Curry can get on the court for just one game next season, he will be conceivably eligible  for #500 on the ESPN player rankings again, a spot which I doubt he will easily concede, despite Jason Collins’ best “efforts”. Just look at all the press he is getting out of it.

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