Jerry Reinsdorf : Why He Needs To Sell The Chicago Bulls.

By karthikpentela

Jerry Reinsdorf has been the owner of the Chicago Bulls since 1985. He has had six NBA championships from the Michael Jordan era, yet he refuses to spend money to make the current team better.

With Dwight Howard’s move to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Lakers payroll has jumped up to $99 million for the upcoming season, that’s nearly 30 million over the cap. But according to general manager Mitch Kupchak, Dr. Jerry Buss doesn’t care about how much money he spends all he wants to do is win. When it comes down to it, Dr. Buss is a competitor.

When it comes down to a decision about making a couple of dollars, or a million dollars, or $10 million, or putting another banner up, he can’t help himself. He chooses to go for the banner.” Everybody knows Reinsdorf is a huge Chicago White Sox fan he even stated “he’d trade all his Bulls championship rings for one World Series ring.”

If he has no interest in the Bulls then why does he still own the team?

He refuses to go deep into the salary cap, and to win in the NBA you have to go deep into the salary cap. Jerry Reinsdorf has never paid the tax. This will be the first year he pays luxury tax. The Bulls remodeled the “bench mob” while doing little else to help the team moving forward. If the previous “mob” couldn’t help the Bulls win a title, do you think the current version will?

With teams like the Lakers paying $30 million in luxury tax, Reinsdorf better start spending or get out of town entirely.

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