Boston Celtics: Forward Jeff Green Is Not James Posey

By Rob Nelson

BOSTON- The Boston Celtics have been trying to replace former bench lynch pin James Posey since he left the championship 08 squad via free agency. Posey was not a star, but he got dirty on the boards, played hard defense, and could knock down shots from the outside and thus fill the complimentary role championship teams need. The fact that Posey has been gone almost six years and guys like Marquis Daniels, Sasha Pavlovic , and Mickael Peitrus could either not replace Posey’s locker room presence or complimentary skills on the floor only make fans romanticize Posey and his legacy in Boston ( Remember Folks the Celtics team in 09 was on a collision course to the NBA Finals before the KG injury and the 2010 Celtics made the Finals without Posey or a player like him).

Posey’s even in the mind of the media covering the team as ESPN recently ran a piece where they predict forward Jeff Green to provide Posey like production for this year’s Boston Celtics team. The problem is the media is dead wrong putting any comparisons between the two players. They could not be further apart as far as skills and potential. The fact is Jeff Green is a much better player than Posey and will give Boston more than Posey ever could have.

The fact is Jeff Green is a more talented player. Green is a proven double digit scorer in the NBA. Green can not only score from long distance like Posey, but take his man off the dribble in the post, create his own mid range shot, and athletically run the floor for easy baskets off the fast break. Green is capable of being the team’s first scoring option on some nights and giving guys like Paul Pierce the needed rest to maintain their health for a long post season push.

Green also has the potential to be a solid defender like Posey was in Boston. Green has the length and reach like Posey to bother shots. Green is more athletic and faster than Posey and thus should be able to gain positioning better than Posey by beating his man to the spot more routinely. Green is also as smart as Posey at that end of the floor. Green was a stud defender at Georgetown and thus in a defensive Doc Rivers system should showcase those skills once again. Like Posey, having Kevin Garnett next to Green is going to make Green a better defender.

I am not trashing Posey. Posey was a great role player that understood his job and gave it his all every night. Posey helped bring a championship culture to this Boston Celtics organization having won one with the star studded Miami Heat team before coming to Boston. Posey knew how to play with stars and was a great fit for that 08 team. Posey also never quit in the big and tough moments and thus earned two NBA title rings for that attribute.

However, Posey is just not the kind of player that Jeff Green is. There is a reason Green was drafted in the top five and Posey was not in his draft class. Green can be a major player for the Celtics and help carry them form time to time due to his impressive skill set. This attribute is why Green fits better with this year’s Celtics like the complimentary Posey fit the 08 team. The Celtics this year need a key piece, not a complimentary guy because the key pieces are older unlike in 08.

The bottom line is the Posey comparisons to Jeff Green are absurd. They are two different types of players with different skill sets. The only things they share are they are good fits for the Celtics teams that they are on and they are in fact Celtics. I look for Jeff Green to give Boston more than the seven points and tough defense that Posey gave them. Green will light it up on the court and be a six man of the year candidate are my predictions. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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