Breaking Down The Dallas Mavericks 2012-2013 Season Matchups-Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls

By Derek Ayala

vs Houston Rockets

—–LAST YEAR RESULTS—-                     —–UPCOMING MEETINGS—–
MAR 24 @ HOUSTON: W 101-99 OT        DEC 8 @ HOUSTON
MAR 27 @ DALLAS: W 90-81                      JAN 16 @ DALLAS
APR 18 @ DALLAS: W 117-110                   MAR 3 @ HOUSTON
                           MAR 6 @ DALLAS


Last year the Dallas Mavericks swept Rockets last year in their season series match ups and this year it may end up with the exact same results. With Houston having a completely new team and with a lot of rookies and young guys the Rockets may be seeing the bottom of the standings this season.

The Rockets were able to acquire Jeremy Lin from the New York Knicks and Lin will be the face of the franchise for years to come. However, with a team going through a rebuilding process they will be struggling all year long.

When they face the Mavericks the key to the games for the Rockets will be to have both Lin and Kevin Martin to go lights out on the scoring end as I do not see this team being able to defend the more experience Mavericks. Both Lin and Martin will have to combine for over 40 points to have a chance to keep up with Dallas. The Mavs will use all of their scoring option to keep the Rockets off balance for all four quarters. With O.J. Mayo, Vince Carter, Darren Collison, Shawn Marion, Elton Brand and Dirk Nowitzki the Mavericks should be able to win all of their meetings by 15 or more points.

However, the Rockets are in a rebuilding process meaning that a lot of guys on their roster will most likely be part of trade talks before the trade deadline in February. That means that the Rockets roster will most likely be different for each of the four meetings between these two teams.

With that said the keys to the Mavs success over the Rockets is to have most of the starters hit their jump shots and take the ball to the basket with Chris Kaman and Brand. If they are able to take a double digit lead into the half then that would help the older guys like Nowitzki rest which they will need throughout the season.

For the Rockets there main thing right now is to develop their young guys and get them experience in a NBA game. The best thing for them is to get a lowest record as possible to have a shot at getting the #1 pick in next year’s draft. They can still hang in the games with the Mavericks if Lin and Martin go lights out with their scoring, but these match ups will most likely go the Mavericks way.


vs Chicago Bulls

—–LAST YEAR RESULTS—–                     —–UPCOMING MEETINGS—–
APR 21 @ CHICAGO: L 93-83                        NOV 28 @ CHICAGO
                             MAR 30 @ DALLAS


The Derrick Rose-less Bulls will have a questionable season this year, but they still have enough talent to compete in the NBA and enough talent to take one if not both games away from the Mavericks. Especially the second game of the season as they will not meet again for four months after their first meeting.

Their second meeting is not until March 30th and Rose may be back by then. If Rose is back before then a match against the Mavericks at that time when it’s close to the post-season may be good for the Bulls. It would be a good test to see where Chicago is at when that time comes. The keys to that game for the Mavericks will need to be put a defender on Rose and take him out of his game. Especially if he just comes back he may not be completely ready to compete at a MVP level.

They will also need to defend the perimeter with Nate Robinson and Kirk Hinrich taking their shots from beyond the arc. There is also defending the paint. The Mavericks are going to need to stop Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah and Rose who will take it to the paint. Either Marion, Kaman or Brand to defend the paint. Delonte West will be another guy that will be a big help defending Rose, but if the Mavericks do not get off to a fast start or if they are off in their shooting the Bulls will take every advantage with their talent to take a big lead. Then the Mavs will have a hard time coming back.

As for the first meeting on November 28th when they play without Rose the Mavericks may still have a hard time defending both the paint and the perimeter, but without Rose handling the ball the Mavs may take advantage of that by intercepting the passes from the other guards from the team. Again, if the Mavs are off their shooting game then they will have a hard time beating the Bulls and do not be surprise if the Bulls take both match ups against Dallas.


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