Los Angeles Lakers: The NBA's No. 1 Social Media Team

By Joshua Casey

There’s a saying in sports that people sometimes use when they say that a certain team is bigger than said sport, such as: The New York Yankees are bigger than baseball.

In terms of the NBA the same thing can be said about the Boston CelticsLos Angeles Lakers and, most recently, the Miami Heat, simply because of the LeBron James factor. But, based off of the most recent social-media rankings for the NBA, saying that the Lakers are bigger than the NBA may not be that crazy of a statement.

The Lakers Twitter feed has 2,705,567 followers, the most among any NBA team. Likewise their Facebook page is the most popular in the NBA with 14.6 million likes. In terms of Twitter followers the Orlando Magic are surprisingly second with 1.08 million followers, while the Chicago Bulls Facebook page is second among NBA teams with 6.98 million fans.

In terms of Twitter followers, in comparison to the NBA, the Lakers are no match, as their 2.7 million followers look silly compared to the NBA’s 5.9 million followers. The statistics for this data were gathered by Sportsfangraph.com, which uses multiple combined NBA Twitter feeds to compile its data.

For any Lakers fan that would like to own a little nugget of information the next time they are talking to a Los Angeles Clippers fan about who is the most popular team in L.A, they may want to take into account this, the Clippers have 161,548 Twitter followers and 516,817 Facebook likes. Certainly the Los Angeles Lakers popularity in terms of social media dwarfs the little brother, I mean, the Clippers.


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