LeBron James, I Heart You

By nbamistress


Year after year, LeBron James, of the Miami Heat, amazes me; it may be his exquisite physical shape or it could be his powerful demeanor on the court. Whatever “it” is, I find myself falling deeper in love with him as a basketball player as each season comes and goes.

I see his greatness: his physical prowess and sustainability along with his NBA uniqueness, I see his unlimited potential: his triple-doubles, his three MVP’s, his record-breaking moments, but I also see his mental lapses.

Prior to James winning an NBA Championship this past season, I could still separate how talented and skilled James was from the fact that a championship had evaded him.

I could look beyond NBA jewelry and see how remarkable James was and is.

The fact that he is only the second player in NBA history to hit, at least, 40 points, 18 rebounds and 9 assists in a playoff game is mind-boggling.

He is gifted, proficient, adept and now he has the final adornment that every NBA player wishes to receive: an NBA ring.

He finally squelched the detractors, for the time being.

The detractors that thrived on James not thriving. Waiting in the forest, sharpening their arrows, and pouncing on James once he couldn’t complete the task at hand.

I am not a James apologist. No, never that, I am a cautious James zealot.

If James had a mental lapse, which was evident in the 2011 NBA Finals, I would never offer excuses for him. Never, but on the other-side, if James did something mind-blowing, I would be the first to offer complimentary statements.

James has “it” and by “it” I am referring to that emotion he stirs within you: hate, love, pride, loathing, admiration, disappointment, discouragement …..

Something about LeBron causes most individuals to go in excess in the emotional arena — positive or negative — when thinking of the Miami superstar.

However, put that on the back-burner for a moment, but what would you give to have him on your team of choice?

I would go out on a limb and say, most NBA enthusiasts would EMBRACE and RELISH the prospect of having a player like James on their team.

Although, James isn’t walking through the Pepsi Center doors anytime soon, unless he’s in a Heat uni of course, I still admire and adore him as a professional basketball player.

When I saw him with that wide-brimmed smile as the clock was winding down in the 2012 NBA Finals, there was this immense amount of happiness in my soul.

I watched James grow from a talented, and often misguided, youngster to a proud and capable man.

Now, there’s another question in the minds of doubters: can James and the Heat repeat?

Well, can they?

I’m not a psychic, but it seems Miami are the favorites to win it all in 2013.

That doesn’t mean the road will be easy, but they won’t have a condensed schedule to battle with either; however, they will have a powerful Los Angeles Lakers team, a hungry Oklahoma City Thunder team ready for blood, and a quiet Boston Celtics team ready to satiate their appetite.

Until then, I’ll admit my love for the greatest NBA player on the planet: LeBron James, I heart you.





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