Marc Gasol NBA 2K13 Rating An 83. Too High or Too Low?

By Trisity Miller

If you aren’t keeping count on how many days until 2K Sports releases NBA 2K13, I am:  there are 21 days left.  Until then NBA2K has decided that every one thousand followers, they will release three player ratings and today we got the rating of the Memphis Grizzlies own Marc Gasol.

At the launch of NBA 2K12, Marc Gasol’s game rating was a 73 overall.  Comparing 2K ratings to the public school grading system, 2K had Marc Gasol at a C-.  If your old and have forgotten, a C- isn’t that good.

In 2K13, they have Gasol at an 83.  I think that’s solid, seeing that Serge Ibaka is an 81 and Pau Gasol/Andrew Bynum are an 87.

2K also has Danny Granger and Amare Stoudemire at an 84.  Though it’s only one point, based off last season, Gasol was definitely better than them.  He isn’t a flashy player nor is he a household name, so that may have a lot to do with these reasons, but when we talk about big men that can play both sides of the floor, hit the 10-15 foot jumper and pass better than almost every other post player in the league he should definitely be higher.

Overall the rating is solid and way better than the rating he started off with last year.  I can’t wait until 2K13 comes out and I can’t wait to run with Memphis.

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