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NBA Rumors: Patrick Ewing Turns Down New York Knicks D-League Job

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

When the New York Knicks retired Patrick Ewing‘s number 33 in 2003, they were showing their appreciation for him, but this time Ewing is rejecting an invitation from them.

The Knicks reportedly offered Ewing the position as head coach of the Knicks’ D-League affiliate, the Erie Bayhawks, but he wants to remain coaching in the NBA and is said to be insulted by the offer since the Knicks currently have an open spot on their bench for a NBA assistant coach and he hasn’t been considered for the job.

Ewing began his coaching career as an assistant coach with the Washington Wizards in 2002, but since 2007, he has served as an assistant coach with the Orlando Magic while Stan Van Gundy was their head coach. He’s credited with playing a major role in Dwight Howard‘s development and interviewed for two NBA head coaching positions this offseason, following the firing of Van Gundy.

Hiring Ewing as an assistant coach makes too much sense for the Knicks not to consider it. Ewing was a Knicks’ legend as a player and is the franchise’s career leader in games, minutes, points, rebounds, blocked shots and steals.

Instead, the Knicks’ owner James Dolan tried to add Isiah Thomas to fill one of their vacancies as an assistant coach or team president earlier this week. Thomas will forever be known as the guy who didn’t know how to manage the Knicks’ money on players who could help the team contend for a championship.

Ewing will land a coaching position at some point down the line, but he’ll likely have to sit out this year and wait.