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The New Dallas Mavericks

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The Dallas Mavericks had their press conference today to introduce the new acquisition, Elton Brand, O.J. Mayo, Chris Kaman, Dahntay Jones and Darren Collison. The press conference opened up with Mark Cuban thanking the season ticket holders for always showing their support and being loyal to the team.

Listening to the press conference and listening to all five guys as well as Cuban, Donnie Nelson and Rick Carlisle showed me that all five guys are ready to play and are hungry to show the team and themselves that they are here in Dallas to win. Cuban talked about the reason for all the one-two year contracts expiring at the same time is because that it put them in a position to make moves like they did with these five guys. He did acknowledge in not getting Deron Williams by not really saying much, but he did say that the “the best deals you make is the deals you don’t make.” meaning that not being able to land Williams was the best move for this organization. In the long run maybe not, but for the upcoming season and seasons to come I believe him.

When Cuban was not at that meeting when they met with Williams that showed me that he has something else up his sleeve and we may never know if acquiring these five talents was his plan, but after they got done talking it showed me that the plan on moving forward is going as blueprinted.

Coach Carlisle did mentioned that once they learned that Jason Kidd decided to join the New York Knicks that they had a big whole to fill and the chance in getting Darren Collison came up. Of course we know now that the Mavericks traded for Collison as well as Dahntay Jones from the Indiana Pacers.

Collison was asked about filling the shoes of Jason Kidd and he responded that ever since coming here that everybody has been comparing him to Kidd, but nobody can fill the shoes of one of the best guards in the history of the league. Collison also said that he would bring his type of game. He would bring his up tempo, his defense and his willing to attack the basket in game after game.

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Another man that every Mavs fan is ready to see is O.J. Mayo. Coach Carlisle brought up that Mayo wanted to be in Dallas and that he wanted to be part of the Mavs organization. When Mayo was asked about him wanted to be in Dallas he said that ever since being in the league that Dallas has always been a team that wins a lot of games. It has always had a great organization, a respectable work ethic and coaching staff as well as getting a chance to play with a great player in Dirk Nowitzki.

Mayo was also asked about his role and comparison to Jason Terry who decided to sign with the Boston Celtics. He said that Terry was a big part of the Mavericks organization and he looks to make those same plays that Terry made. He said “if I can take anything from [Jason Terry] it would be winning is the most important thing.” Listening to Mayo shows me that his presences on the court will energized the team and the home crowd as it did when Jason Terry made those big plays at the right time.

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Kaman, on the other hand, is here to become one of the Mavericks best player to play the center position in franchise history. His history with Nowitzki goes way back since 2008 when Kaman was part of the German National team “even though I’m not German”. He has said time and time again and even today that he his real comfortable playing along side with Nowitzki and playing in Dallas has a different atmosphere than back in Los Angeles.

Kaman and Elton Brand both played together for five years with the Los Angeles Clippers and I believe after hearing both talk that they will pick right back up where they left off in L.A. Brand mentioned that both him and Kaman played more of a high low type offensive and that should continue here in Dallas. Weather it be a Kaman-Dirk, Kaman-Brand or a Brand-Dirk combinations both the big men are hungry and ready to play in hopes to help this team back to the championship.

Someone brought about Collison filling the role of Chris Paul when he went down with an injury. He brought up that playing behind Paul was a great experience and that he learned how to manage and control the temp of the game. Obviously he took what he learned from Paul to the Pacers when he helped the Indiana team from last year to the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs when they were eventually eliminated in six games by the Miami Heat. I believe that he will bring the same type of speed and the same tempo to the Mavericks this season and with Rick Carlisle still coaching here he will be able to develop a new system, which he did bring up earlier, with Collison running the point and with Mayo at the two position.

Not a lot of questions were asked by other media that was breaking news. Most of it was old news that we heard when they entered the Mavs locker room. I do, however, believe that these five guys were brought here to be part of this organization for seasons to come. Especially with the young guys like Collison and Mayo to go along with their rookies Jared Cunningham, Jae Crowder and James Bernard the Mavericks have a bright future ahead of them.

This press conference showed me that the Mavericks do have a blueprint written out in life after Dirk Nowitzki retires from the NBA. That future is promising for this franchise and for the fans of the Mavericks. Another thing that was brought up is what I talk about is getting hot at the right time or “lightning in a bottle.” Carlisle brought mentioned that during the press conference. They do not know what to expect until we see Game 1 of the season all the way to game 82 of the season. This team has always been built to compete for the NBA Championship and just like in 2011 if the Mavericks get hot at the right time they could go far enough to bring Dallas another title.

Now all these five guys could still be with the team next season and seasons to come, but I do know that if a guy like Dwight Howard is available the Mavericks are going to go after him leaving their one year contracts up for grabs. However, Cuban mentioned that the new CBA allows them now to grab that big fish if possible. He did not say that exactly, but teams like the Brooklyn Nets, LA Lakers, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder the roster that these teams have will be part of that roster a long long time. Unlike the Mavericks who have cap room they may be able to sign a big name player and keep all their newly acquired players time will only tell.

One thing is for sure that Collison, Jones, Mayo, Brand and Elton to go along side with Nowitzki, Vince Carter, Shawn Marion, Brandan Wright, Delonte West, Rodrigue Beaubois and their three rookies the Mavericks have a deep team both in the starting rotation and on the bench. That means that whoever plays against the Mavericks can not take the team for granted as the Mavs now have both the offensive power as well as a defensive end. In this 2012-13 NBA Season the Mavericks will still be the team that nobody talks about until the post-season gets here. Whether that be a first round exit talk or a team that has Dirk Nowitzki going nuts as he did in 2011 type talk we will not know that far until that time comes.