Boston Celtics: Do the Celtics need a pure backup point guard?

By Rob Lunder
Keyon Dooling, Boston Celtics

For the past five years, the Boston Celtics have operated with Rajon Rondo as their starting point guard, behind him, not much else.  The team instead has gone with more pure guard options such as Keyon Dooling and Sebastian Telfair.  Is it time for the team to re-assess their lineups and get more of a pure point guard to back up Rondo?

I am not so sure that it would be a good option.  If you remember, back when they won the championship in 2008, Sam Cassell operated as the team’s backup point, and except for a few moments where he hit some key shots in the playoffs, he was not too much of a help.  He took a number of questionable shots and it probably would have been more beneficial to have more of a combo guard in the role. What was great about Delonte West was that he was a capable ball handler, but he could also score from the perimeter and hit outside shots.  He was more of a do everything type of guard for the team where as having just a point guard such as Anthony Carter or Mike Bibby hurts your versatility.

If you sit back and analyze the situation from a league perspective, more teams are going with combo guards to help relieve their starting point guard.  The Indiana Pacers seems to like Lance Stephenson in that role, who really isn’t a pure point guard but can act as a temporary solution.  Roddy Beaubois of the Dallas Mavericks really isn’t a pure point, but he will be counted on to help out newly acquired Darren CollisonMemphis Grizzlies will use Jerryd Bayless in that role, but you and I both know that he is not a pure point guard.

Anyways, to sum it up, the need for a pure backup point guard these days is vanishing.  Teams have become much more successful utilizing a coveted roster spot for a guy who can backup multiple positions, not just one.  Plus, having a bigger guard backing up a number of spots makes you a lengthier team that can mix and match lineups much better.  This is Rondo’s team and he will never have to look over his shoulder to see another point guard in the rear view mirror.


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