Boston Celtics: Forward Kevin Garnett Might Not Retire A Celtic

By Rob Nelson
Steve Mitchell-US Presswire

BOSTON- The Boston Celtics found out Kevin Garnett believes that this current contract extension that he just signed will have him end his career in a Boston Celtics uniform. The line of thinking makes sense due to the fact KG has made a ton of money, hit a ton of individual achievements, won an NBA title, and the deal will have KG be a tick under forty when it expires. Even KG will need to retire by forty despite his unbelievable motor that drives him to do special things on basketball court despite his million NBA miles logged on his body. Due to the fact KG is a loyal guy that loves the city of Boston and this Celtics franchise, KG will not leave the Boston Celtics under his own volition. The only problem with KG’s line of thinking is that Boston can still deal KG. This fact means KG could end up not finishing his career in Boston.

The fact is Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge has no loyalties other than to the Boston Celtics franchise. Ainge views his job as he must make all decisions based solely on what is best for this franchise. Since he has walked in the door, Ainge has made deals with this motive in mind. One only needs to look at his recent history to see how Ainge has no loyalty to players.

This simple fact is why Ainge traded Kendrick Perkins despite years of loyal service. Ainge did not feel Perkins deserved the money that he would have received come free agency. Ainge felt that rather than let Perkins walk and Boston end up with nothing he should deal Perkins and possibly get a dynamic player like Jeff Green in return. Whether you like Green or not, Green is still better than the nothing the Celtics would have received by letting him walk.

This fact is also why Ainge never made the departed Judas…oops Ray Allen feel the respect and appreciation that Allen felt he should have received. Granted Ray wanted the same respect guys like Paul Pierce ( not going to happen because Pierce is the longest tenured Celtic and approaching legendary status.), KG (Ray was great, but was he really as important to this team as KG?), and Rajon Rondo (the future of the franchise unlike Ray).The fact is Danny knew that Ray’s career was winding down. Danny saw the defensive skills were eroding and the one on one offensive skills was far as creating his shot were just not there like they used to be. The team has the future shooting guard in Avery Bradley on the roster. These facts are why Danny only put the half hearted effort into keeping the sharp shooter despite years of great service.

Danny Ainge has had this hard line stance on guys like James Posey, Glen Davis, and Leon Powe. Posey was a huge part of the Celtics locker room and yet Ainge refused to over pay for his services. the reason was it did not make financial sense for the Boston Celtics. Ainge felt he could go cheaper and still add to the Celtics by going with the cheaper Marquis Daniels. Glen Davis wanted a big contract. Ainge knew that he could find a cheaper replacement and thus dealt him for Brandon Bass. Powe was hurt, but he could have been put on the roster as the fifteenth guy, but Ainge wanted to go with bodies that could provide Boston more than just great practice time. Despite being a major part of an NBA championship, Powe is now without work.

I do realize that KG is a franchise player with a basketball mind and tone setting work ethic that alone make him worth his salary. However, eventually KG is going to be old and unable to perform. Maybe that is the last year of his deal. What if the Celtics are failing to contend in that last year of KG’s deal. What if Ainge gets an offer that allows him to land a young player that could help Boston in the future for a 39 year old KG’s services. Judging by Ainge’s recent history, KG would be dealt in that scenario.

I want KG to end his career in Boston. My sentimentality is due to the fact I truly believe it was KG that turned this franchise from joke to true contender as it should be. KG changed the culture and work ethic of this team. KG held everyone accountable and made this franchise a winner. After twenty two years, KG brought the title home to Boston in 08. KG deservers to retire a Celtic and have the glory of number five hanging from the rafters of the Boston Garden. If it were up to me this would be the way KG’s career ends.

The problem is the decision of KG retiring in Boston has nothing to do with me or even KG for that matter. Danny Ainge is holding the fate of that scenario in his hands. Sentimentality be damned. Ainge will keep KG only if it mass sense for the Boston Celtics. This is why Ainge will be both hated and considered a great President when his executive career is done. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!

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