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Boston Celtics: PG Rajon Rondo Shows No Love Lost For Ray Allen

During Ray Allen’s press conference that officially announced Judas–oops– his joining the Miami Heat, Allen let the world know, by some of his side stepping of all questions related to Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo, that his relationship with Rondo was strained to say the least. During a recent interview with BET, Rondo said that the relationship is strained on his end as well.

When asked if Rondo had talked to Allen, Rondo responded with a Who?….Oh that guy. When BET said yeah, Jesus, Rondo responded with I talk to the lord all the time and then that line of questioning was quickly stopped.

The fact is these men do not like each other. Over the years, from 2008 on, it seemed like these two guys clashed a few times a year. Allen can say the right things all he wants, but he made it clear that Rondo’s expanded role bothered him and thus Rondo bothered Allen. He  did not like this young pup telling him what to do on the floor.

Rondo also was surely not loving the fact that Allen did not feel he deserved the role coach Doc Rivers gave him. The other Celtics leaderms like Kevin Garnett and Paul Piercem happily embraced the young Rondo as the future and publicly and privately supported him. I am sure the fact that Allen went out of his way at times to be critical of Rondo went a long way to deteriorating this relationship.

The facts are simple in this case. Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo did not get along. This fact played a major part in the Celtics not pushing harder for Ray’s services and Allen wanting out of Boston. The fact is Rivers can take all the credit that he wants for Allen leaving the team, but the issue was his relationship with Rondo and that ultimately is between the two of these men. The season should be interesting with Rondo and Allen locking horns in a new heated rivalry that is now very personal. The season will begin with these men squaring off and I cannot wait. Remember, Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!