Boston Celtics: PG Rajon Rondo's Busy Offseason Has Hurt The Celtics

By Rob Nelson

BOSTON- Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has had a very busy offseason. Reading Celtics news every day makes it seem like Rondo is everywhere. Rondo is interning and blogging at GQ. Rondo is in Asia on a Red Bull tour. Rondo is filming an ESPN commercial. Rondo was on a BET show. These are just a few examples of Rondo basking in the spotlight deserved of an NBA superstar.

The problem for the Boston Celtics is Rajon Rondo should be doing less activities that are non basketball related. These other distractions are taking away from time that could be spent working on the flaws in his game. If Rondo got rid of some of the flaws in his game, then he would be unstoppable. An unstoppable Rondo would lead Boston to another NBA title.

The fact is Rajon Rondo is already a super star. Rondo has made all star teams, led the league in assists, achieved individual accolades and taken over the big stage of playoff games. Rondo has accomplished all these fetes despite having a weak jump shot and terrible free throw shooting. If Rondo had a jump shot that was deadly accurate and could hit free throws he would be the best player on the court every time he laced them up because he is that talented already without those skills.

There can be no disputing the fact that Rondo would be in the best player in the league discussion every year with a jump shot. Not best point guard, best player. Game two of the Eastern Conference Finals proved this statement. Rondo was easily the best player on the court. Rondo controlled the game better than LeBron James with his passing, play calling, defense, and scoring ability. Rondo’s jump shot was falling and the eventual NBA champs had no answer. If the refs were not in the Miami Heat’s pocket that game, Boston would have got the victory that they earned. The stat line of 44 points on 16-24 shooting, 10 assists, 8 rebounds, 3 steals, and only 3 turnovers show how dominant Rondo can be.

The fact is there is a price that needs to be paid to be that great consistently all the time on the court. The work that goes into being that great is hours upon hours of work every single day. This kind of workout regiment I do not see being done with so many other distractions like Rondo has.

The work out regiments of Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan are legendary. The fact is these men gave up a lot of their personal life to become that dominant on the court. They spent hours hoisting up shot after shot to horn the muscle memory needed to become deadly shooters. Jordan and Magic like Rondo were not great shooters coming in tot he NBA, but became lethal marksmen by the time there careers were done. These men not only had the talent to be great, but the work ethic to hone those skills and become even better than they were the season before despite achieving greatness.

I am not saying Rondo does not work hard. Looking at the improvements in his game from year one to now and it is easy to see how much work Rondo has put in. Rondo seems to get better every year and will continue tho be a superstar because of this work ethic. The problem is there is another level of working out and getting ready. Much like Paul Pierce found out after Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett came onboard with Boston. Pierce used to think he worked out hard. Pierce was the hardest working Celtic. The problem was there was another level that he just did not see until these guys came in. Rondo needs that kind of wakeup call.

If Rondo puts in the kind of legendary dedication to this game, then he will attain legendary status. The only question is whether he will or not. Is Rondo content being great or does he want to challenge for greatest? Time will tell on Rondo’s fate in history. No matter the case in the story of Rondo, it will be interesting. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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