Breaking Down The Dallas Mavericks 2012-2013 Season Matchups-New Orleans Hornets And Indiana Pacers

By Derek Ayala
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vs New Orleans Hornets

—–LAST YEAR’s RESULTS—–                     —–UPCOMING MEETINGS—–
JAN 7 @ DALLAS: W 96-81                     JAN 5 @ DALLAS
JAN 21 @ NEW ORLEANS: W 83-81      FEB 22 @ NEW ORLEANS
MAR 2 @ NEW ORLEANS: L 97-92        APR 14 @ NEW ORLEANS
MAVS WON SERIES 2-1                     


It’s a new beginning for the New Orleans Hornets with rookies Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers whom were drafted this past summer. They have a lot great things ahead of them, but being in their rookie year in the NBA may be a little hard for these two rookies to carry this Hornets team.

However, with Anthony Davis playing in the Olympics this past summer and playing along side players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant then Davis may have an idea in what it takes to win a NBA game. To win a game against the Dallas Mavericks may be a challenging task for these two young rookies.

The Hornets do have talent like Eric Gordon, Robin Lopez and Ryan Anderson to help out Davis and Rivers, so they may be able to surprise some people in the NBA and win more games than expected. The keys for the Hornets to defeat the Dallas Mavericks is to use the speed of the young guys and if they have built up Rivers in the first two months of the season before their first meeting with the Mavericks then they should use him as a distributor. Using Davis in the low post is the main key for the Hornets to beat the Mavs. He may not score you a lot of points (yet), but he will hurt the Mavs in the rebound game and will swat for over 4 blocks a game if given the chance. During his freshman year with the Kentucky Wildcats he averaged 10.4 rebounds, 4.7 blocks and 14.2 points a game.

Now I believe that during the first two months of the season before their first meeting with Dallas that the Hornets coaching staff will find a way to use Davis on the scoring end and I believe he could average over 18 points game. If the Hornets do not beat the Mavericks then it will be because of lack of scoring and lack of movement during transition.

As for the Mavericks to win all four games they are going to need to eliminated Davis from a chance of scoring in the low post. Either Elton Brand or Chris Kaman as well as Dirk Nowitzki could stop Davis from getting to the paint. However, if Davis is not a factor in the game then the Hornets will go for the jump shots and that’s when Shawn Marion, Darren Collison and Delonte West comes to play to defend the jump shooters which will force up a bad shot.

There is really no keys for the Mavs success over the Hornets except to just score and get everyone involve which will build up a big lead fast and then they will be able to rest their key guys, so they can be ready for post-season action. The Hornets are young which means it may be hard for the Hornets to keep up with a team like the Mavs, so they may end up walking all over this New Orleans team.

The only game I do seeing the Hornets winning is the last game which is the last two games which is the last week of the regular season. If the Mavericks have already clinched a seed then the Mavs will not use any of their starters at all in that last game and that will be the Hornets shot to take at least one or two from the Mavericks.



vs Indiana Pacers

FEB 3 @ DALLAS: L 98-87                  NOV 16 @ INDIANA
MAVS LOST SERIES 1-0                


There’s no doubt that the first game will be interesting to see especially for Pacers fans as the return of Darren Collison in a different uniform will be on a Pacers court. Collison who was traded to the Mavericks this off-season to take over point guard duties will of course bring his “A” game as most players returning to their team they came from want to show up their previous team.

The Pacers did sign D.J. Augustin to replace that guard sport that Collison had with the team and I believe that Indiana didn’t lose much. Both Augustin and Collison roughly have the same statistics. Last year Collison averaged 10.3 points, 4.8 assists and 3.1 rebounds a game while Augustin averaged 11.1 points, 6.4 assists and 2.3 rebounds a game. That means that the Pacers should still be a top playoff contender this year especially with Derrick Rose out for most of the year for the Chicago Bulls.

Keys for the Pacers is to do the exact same thing they did last year when they beat the Mavericks 98-87 with a little tweak in the defensive end. In the game last season the Pacers shot 48% from beyond the three point line and 42.5% overall in shooting while the Mavs shot 37.5% from three point land with a 42.2% overall. The Pacers need to do what they did and that’s run up and down the court in transition, but they are going to need to slow down Nowitzki as he was still able to score 30 points in the meeting last year. If they are not able to slow down the big German in his shooting and with the new guys in Brand and Kaman, the Pacers may have a hard time defeating Dallas.

For the Mavericks their main focus is to defend to perimeter as I mentioned earlier that last year the Pacers were lights out from behind the three point line at 48%. If the Mavericks can use Collison, Marion and West to slow down their three point shooters and use Dirk, Collison, Marion, Brand, Kaman and Vince Carter then the Mavs should walk away in both meetings with easy wins. However, with the Mavs history in showing up in games where nobody hitting their shots then the Pacers will take advantage of that and they will be the one that comes out with a win.

For the Pacers these two games against the Mavericks will be games that will be a great chance to see where their team is against an elite as for Dallas these two games are games that they are “suppose to win” in terms when comparing a West to an East team. Either way both match ups should be fun to watch with both teams probably end up going back and forward in the scoring end.

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