Indiana Pacers are Listed as an Ultimate Team

By J.M. Nicholas

Recently, ESPN the Magazine listed the top 122 franchises in the four major sports. The ESPN Magazine “Ultimate Team” criteria was based on several subjects, including (but not limited to) coaching, players, stadium experience, fan relations, affordability, and bang for the buck.

Out of every single team in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and the NHL, the Indiana Pacers franchise were listed as fourth in the comparison of which teams and organizations offered the best product, stadium, situation, and all around good time for the money invested by the fans. Over their past two years,  the Indiana Pacers have been one of the best teams in pro sports to step up and still be flying under the radar.

The Indiana Pacers may not be the most flashy team in the NBA or in pro sports, but the team (like their city) is a stable group of talented role players. The Indiana Pacers do whatever they need to do to make themselves better as a team, while also looking out and helping those in need around them in their city.

There is more to a team and a franchise than winning games or titles, and some franchises don’t realize that. Not only does this young Indiana Pacers squad step up in the face of a decade’s worth of adversity, they come together as a team and a family. Not only does this team support themselves and the future of their franchise, but they also support the city that supports them, and everyone else who believes in what they are building.







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