NBA Rumors: Leandro Barbosa Heading To The Los Angeles Lakers?


The Los Angeles Lakers may not be the favorite to win the NBA championship this upcoming season, but they are certainly in the top 5. One of the key questions for the Lakers is going to be depth at the shooting guard position, a position that free-agent Leandro Barbosa could offer significant help in. But when the Lakers revamped their roster this off-season it seemed that they were satisfied with Steve NashKobe BryantSteve BlakeChris Duhon, and Andrew Goudelock, even if many fans are not.

Blake has long been a scapegoat of sorts and would not exactly be considered a fan favorite. While with the Portland Trail Blazers Blake was a very good three-point shooter, but when he arrived in L.A he seemed to have lost his touch. Nevertheless it did seem that the Lakers were satisfied with what they had, that is until this latest rumor arose.

In an interview with a Brazilian newspaper Barbosa talked about what teams were looking at him, if he would play for the veteran’s minimum, and much more. Since the interview was in Portuguese I had to translate it and will give you a few interstingnotes about Barbosa and the Lakers.

Barbosa said that he is still talking with the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers about possibly playing for them this season. Barbosa added that he has been in contact with Lakers PG Steve Nash, and that ever since the Olympics, Nash has recruited him, and that the interest, (in playing for the Lakers), is mutual. Additionally Barbosa added that he would play at an NBA minimum salary, but only for a team that would be in contention for an NBA title, which the Lakers clearly will be this upcoming season.

The last point is quite interesting, rumor has it that Barbosa informed this same newspaper that he has talked with the Lakersabout possibly joining the team and that the Lakers would really like to add him. Apparently he also said that the Lakers told him that they are looking to get rid of one guard to make room for him.

This rumor does make a lot of sense and could be the reason Barbosa still has not signed anywhere, even despite some good offers around the league. If the Lakers did in fact add Barbosa it would add a versatile scorer who could prove to be a savior for the Lakers as he would be able to take over some of Kobe’s minutes and reduce his workload.