Breaking Down The Dallas Mavericks 2012-2013 Season Matchups-Portland Trail Blazers and Charlotte Bobcats

By Derek Ayala

vs Portland Trail Blazers

—–LAST YEAR RESULTS—–                          —–UPCOMING MEETINGS—–
FEB 11 @ DALLAS: W 97-94 OT                NOV 5 @ DALLAS
APR 6 @ DALLAS: L 99-97 OT                  JAN 29 @ PORTLAND
APR 13 @ PORTLAND: W 97-94                FEB 6 @ DALLAS
                               APR 7 @ PORTLAND


It has been a decline for the Portland Trail Blazer ever since the announcement of a 66 game schedule when the lockout ended. They lost Brandon Roy last season when he decided to retire from the NBA due to his chronic knee problems. They traded Marcus Camby and Gerald Wallace which hurts their depth chart and they recently had to release Greg Oden who was a draft bust. With only Lamarcus Aldridge and J.J. Hickson the only players that will provide quality points the Blazers may be in for a tough ride this 2012-13 season.

Their four match ups this year against the Dallas Mavericks will probably not be a pretty match up as I mentioned before with only Aldridge and Hickson as the only quality scorers it may not be enough to beat Dallas. The Mavericks have a roster full of players who can put up decent numbers other than Dirk Nowitzki. They have Darren Collison and O.J. Mayo at the guard position who can put up over ten a game, then you have Vince Carter who can play both the two guard and forward position and when he gets going he can provide you 12-15 points game. Of course you have Shawn Marion who has averaged almost 12 points a game during his three years in Dallas. Then there is the big men for the team with Chris Kaman and Elton Brand who can both put up over fifteen a game. With Nowitzki it’s a no brainier that he will provide the team 20-30 points every night if nobody is able to stop him. However, if Dirk is off his game a lot of the times other players are off their game as well making it a horrible shooting night for this Mavs team.

With that said the Blazers to even have a chance this year against the Mavs they are going to need to stop Dirk Nowitzki early in the game and maybe Aldridge and Hickson can provide the Blazers a double digit lead where the Mavs cannot come back from. They are going to have to make him take the ball to the basket as he is a better jump shooter than driving in the paint. If Portland can do that then they should be able to win the game in their arena with their loud fans behind them.

As for the Mavericks to beat the Blazers they have to do what I mentioned early and that’s get more than two of their shooters to score over 15 points each. If Nowitzki is on his game there’s not stopping it. It’s almost impossible to stop his fade away jump shot and if scores over 20 points he is going to need Carter, Mayo or any of the other guys to score almost 20 points as well. Another key will to stop Aldridge who has been a problem for the Mavs in the past. The past two season he has averaged a little over 28 points a game against Dallas. The Mavericks will need to slow down Aldridge to at least 20 points if they want to walk away with a season series win. If not then the Blazers will sneak in and steal one or two games away from the Mavericks.

Last year all three games were won by no more than three points with two of the games going into overtime, so all three of those games could have gone either way. One this is for sure is that both the Mavericks and Blazers have always given fans in both cities great games and I assume that this year will be the same.



vs Charlotte Bobcats

—–LAST YEAR RESULTS—–                          —–UPCOMING MEETINGS—–
MAR 15 @ DALLAS: W 101-96                    NOV 3 @ DALLAS
MAVS WON SERIES 1-0                         

The worst team in NBA history last year will have yet another season with disappointment. With their two match ups with the Mavericks in the first few weeks of the season the Bobcats will most likely have trouble beating Dallas. However, them and fans of Charlotte are hungry in beating these pesky Mavericks.

The Bobcats entered the league in 2004 and have beaten every single NBA Team during their eight year existence except for the Mavericks. Dallas is the only team in the NBA that the Bobcats have never beaten and may need a little luck on their side if they want to prevent going 0-16 all time to this Mavs team.

The Key for the Mavericks will need to be scoring, but with their leading scorer from last year who averaged 15.1 points a game other players are going to need to step up. With newly acquired players like Ramon Session, Ben Gordon and Brendan Haywood will be a big part if the Bobcats ever want to win more than 20 games this season. Last year Session provided 12.7 points, 3.8 rebounds and 6.2 assists per game for the Los Angeles Lakers and with a team that has no “all-star” this could be the opportunity for him to have a career making season. It is hard to predict any success for the Bobcats this coming season until we see what they can provide on the court.

Their first game against Dallas will be on November 3rd and that will be the Mavericks home opener and the return of Brendan Haywood who played for the Mavericks for two and half seasons. He has only averaged 7.2 points a game during his career in the NBA, but this could be the night that Haywood could provide quality points as I assume he wants to show them that they made a mistake in waving him.

Of course the Bobcats are going to need to slow down the Mavericks shooter and with a brand new team for both franchises it could give Charlotte a chance to finally beat Dallas as I am sure that both games will start off slow and gradually pick up as the game goes on.

All the Mavericks have to do to beat the Bobcats is to keep doing what they have been and with new scorers on their team both of these early games should be blow out wins for Dallas. However, being so early into the season these players on the team may not be comfortable yet and that will show on the court if they end up scoring less than twenty points in the first quarter and if the Bobcats have a lead after that first quarter. If the Mavericks do have everything together than with a little defense and their shooters the Mavericks will walk away with a double digit victory.

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