Miami Heat Add Big Men

By Aime Mukendi


Steven Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Heat have signed Mickell Gladness and Jarvis Varnado to non-guaranteed contracts.

Calm down “Heat Nation.” Neither player will probably play a single game for the Heat this season. Neither player played exceptionally well during the summer league this summer. Neither play has a resume to build off of. Neither player has serious experience at playing as a NBAcenter through even half of a regular season.

Honestly until proven otherwise they’re both bum moves. They will be extra bodies that can be used in training camp. All that they can bring to this team is the same thing that Dexter Pittman brought last season a big man that can easily get into foul trouble and a fake “tough guy.”

If anyone believed that signing these two players was Miami securing the center position that person was as wrong as anyone who defended James Harden for getting elbowed by Metta World Peace. Both were necessary.

So to silent some critics and Heat fans they signed some centers but their plan for this season has already been set in stone in July 2012.

They want to play small ball and space the floor.

James has to become a post-presence and Chris Bosh must play center.

Neither player signed a guaranteed contract so in other words they are the equivalent of an NFL un-drafted rookie who plays in two preseason games for an NFL team before clearing his locker as soon a few cuts are made.

The Heat are not looking to go for youth at the center position, they are just looking to add one possible big man to back up Joel Anthony.


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