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Sacramento Kings: Do They Make The 2012-13 Offseason Grade?

Thomas Robinson - Sacramento Kings

Derick Hingle – US Presswire

During the 2012-13Β NBA offseason, many teams have bolstered their rosters, while others have lost stars. Let’s look into the Sacramento Kings, where they have done an efficient job in adding players. I will be grading the Kings’ moves based on what the players can provide for the team.

Aaron Brooks – I’m very excited by what Brook’s will bring to Sacramento. Brooks had a breakout season a few years back with theΒ  Houston Rockets and has maintained a quality game ever since. His signing was very cheap for the Kings (two years, $3 million a year) and he could be what Sacramento needs to finally make the playoffs. Brooks is a great three-point shooter, shooting .363 from downtown.

His spot up three-point shooting ability will help spread the court for the Kings by providing a much needed threat from beyond the arc. A big upside Brooks has is his ability to work with big men as shown on the Rockets when he worked very well with Luis Scola. Brooks is not a selfish player and with DeMarcus Cousins on his team, his assists total will increase.

Grade – B

James Johnson – Johnson went to the Kings in a trade with the Toronto Raptors. The Kings made a good move acquiring Johnson, because he is a powerful player that could provide a serious defensive off the bench. He is capable of scoring and could get a few starts for the Kings this season. Johnson brings flexibility to the small forward position, allowing Tyreke Evans to spend time at the guard spot where he is more effective. Johnson does not score a lot, but he makes up for it with his defense.

Grade – C+

Jason Thompson – Thompson started over 2/3 of the games for the Kings last year, but don’t expect him to start this year with the addition to Thomas Robinson. Thompson will provide some valuable hustle minutes off the bench, helping the team’s depth. The Kings overpaid in re-signing Thompson to a 5 year, 34 million dollar deal, but he is unselfish and a good role player off the bench for the Kings.

Grade – C+

Thomas Robinson – Robinson, the fifth overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, was an absolute steal to me. Robinson has many exciting things about his game. He not only has a presence down low, but has a mid-range jumper that reminds many people of Kevin Garnett and Chris Webber. Robinson is a well-rounded player, providing value at both ends of the court.

In his final year before declaring for the draft, Robinson averaged an astounding 17.7 points per game and 11.9 rebounds per game. Robinson will have a good chance at winning Rookie of the Year if he continues to grow as a player.

Grade – A-

Overall, the Kings have improved the team with their off-season moves. Adding players like Thomas Robinson and Aaron Brooks will help make the King’s chances of making the playoffs. The Kings need to continue rebuilding their team through the draft and trades but as for right now I say they positioned themselves as a playoff contender.

Overall Grade – B

By: Charlie DiSturco



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