Tracy McGrady Works Out For Knicks, Puts Second Round Rumors To Rest

By Nir Regev
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Playoffs? Playoffs?!! We talkin’ about playoffs? I just wanna win a game.

Put those second round jitters to rest New York Knicks fans because Tracy McGrady is about to come to town! Things were looking pretty dark this offseason, the squad was looking almost right… But not quite dark enough. Everything was spinning out of control for James Dolan! Linsanity, if you will. First, David Lee and now this?!

Thankfully, prodigy Jeremy Lin left the team for greener pastures, and Dolan decided to look for quantities he knows.

Mainly Isiah Thomas. You mad?

It wouldn’t be the Knicks after all without every field goal being shot from half court. That’s where a certain former Atlanta Hawk comes in… TMAC is back baby!

The only question that remains now that McGrady is surely going to be signed with Zeke on top of things is: Will he be starting or will he be starting? Looks like Jason Kidd will have to be waived off the team before things get tense and Linsanity strikes again, causing Dolan to re-sign Steve Francis.

This of course, will surely work out in the Knicks favor like always. Meaning, Lin will go on to be a top-3 MVP candidate on the Houston Rockets, displaying finesse and court vision never before seen, as he leads the Rockets to a miraculous Playoff berth and becomes a legend to basketball fans everywhere.

The Knicks will similarly discover the ability to jack up sixty 3-point shots within a first quarter, breaking a new NBA record, and obtain a lottery birth… Greatness.

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