Golden State Warriors 2012-2013 Player Profile: Kent Bazemore

By Steven Resnick
Kent Bazemore Golden State Warriors

Back in late July the Golden State Warriors signed rookie free agent shooting guard Kent Bazemore to a non guaranteed contract and before getting signed he agreed to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder summer league team. In college he played four years at Old Dominion and in his last two seasons he won the CAA Defensive Player of the Year award.

The summer before his senior season he suffered a stress fracture in his left foot that required surgery. He played in 36 averaging 15.4 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.1 assists, 2.1 steals on 40.7 percent shooting, 32.1 percent from beyond the arc and 63.2 percent from the free throw line.

Against Drexel in an overtime loss he scored a career high 37 points and tied his career high of 12 rebounds.

His junior year showcased what Bazemore is an efficient player who can score. He averaged 12.3 points, 5.1 rebounds, 2.9 assists, 2.2 steals on 48.1 percent shooting, 40.8 percent from three-point land and 66.2 percent from the free throw line.

Two things that stand out that are impressive is his ability to rebound the basketball the last two seasons he averaged 5.6 rebounds and Bazemore’s back-to-back Defensive Player of the Year Awards. The Warriors the past couple of seasons have made an emphasis on playing defense.

In four summer league games with three starts he made an impact defensively as he blocked seven shots against the Chicago Bulls team and registered three steals when playing the Miami Heat.

One area of concern is his ability to hit free throws if he is going to get playing time he at least needs to get that percentage to up over 70 percent.

With Bazemore on the roster there are three players ahead of him who can play shooting guard and those are Klay ThompsonBrandon Rush and Stephen Curry. Yet, with those three players healthy there isn’t a lot of playing time for Bazemore which will mean he will only see time in a blowout or an injury.

Meaning the most likely scenario for consistent minutes will be in the D-League.


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