LeBron James Leaves CAA, Signs on With Childhood Friend Rich Paul

By joyepruitt
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE


LeBron James left Aaron Goodwin back in 2005 and subsequently signed with CAA, Creative Arts Agency, with Leon Rose as his agent. James has recently left Rose to sign on with a longtime friend, Rich Paul, as his agent. This move has a lot of Miami Heat fans wondering if it will turn into another media circus like “The Decision” was in 2010.

No worry, folks. There is no correlation between the two.

While it’s feverishly highlighted that change in representation often leads to a change in franchise with a lot of sports figures, it should be recognized that it has not always been the case for LeBron. James switched agents in 2005, but still ended up signing a contract extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers worth around $60 million over three years with a player option for the fourth year as the end of the 2005-06 season.

This was an out for him to either be granted the max contract during his free agency in the summer of 2010 or legally bolt from the franchise. However, signing with a new agent was not a signal that James was structuring a new age in his career with a new team.

The same goes for James and his decision to transfer his business to Rich Paul.

LeBron is coming upon the peak of his career. In a single season, he acquired a regular season-MVP, the Finals MVP, his first NBA championship and a Team USA gold medal. If he felt that there needed to be some changes internally then so be it. James has always been a savvy businessman and if nothing else, every decision he makes has a reason.

That reason is not necessarily because of the fact that he is prepared to leave the Miami Heat. Everyone has to remember that he is not just playing with a bunch of men for a paycheck and another championship. James has embarked on this journey with his best friend, Dwyane Wade.

Bringing those who have sculpted him into the man and player he is today closer to him are James’ primary goals right now. What sense would it make for him to leave Miami, where he has a man he considers his brother and best friend, to jump into another franchise?

It is a move that would ultimately shatter his image and it is just not good business.

Rich Paul and LeBron James both know better.

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