Derrick Rose Cries in Unveiling of New Shoe

By michaelnoble
Derrick Rose
Tim Fuller-US Presswire

Most of the time, NBA superstars show larger than life personalities, they put up facades to the media in an effort to advertise their Brands. Just a few days ago, an NBA superstar showed a vulnerability rarely seen nowadays. During a sneaker launch Derrick Rose got emotional after a video package was shown chronicling his journey back from injury. His human reaction was refreshing to say the least, and his reason behind those tears makes it all the more special.

Holding back the tears, Derrick Rose said; “It’s truly a blessing, with all of the stuff that’s going on in this city, a kid from Englewood has got something positive going on. That makes me feel so good. This shoe is great; all this is great. But I can’t explain this. I can’t.  I went through so much. To have, like, true fans, that means a lot to me. And I know it means a lot to my family, because we’re not supposed to be here. At all. But God made the way.”

Rose is one of the humblest superstars in the league today. Other superstars should take some notes. He may be a little awkward with his new found fame, but four years into his career and after accomplishing so much, he still is a down-to-earth and constantly downplays his success. You can tell that this is who he is. He is not pandering to the fans and he is as real as he can be, even in the media. He truly does care about his city and how basketball is his saving grace.

Let’s just hope he makes a full recovery and enjoys a full career ahead of him. His talent and his love for the game are so profound just to be wasted away on injuries.


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