Tyreke Evans Ranked 69th Best Player in NBA

By cdisturco
Tyreke Evans
Kelley L Cox – US Presswire

ESPN is currently ranking the Top 500 players in the NBA for the 2012-2013 season. Over the course of the rankings, many players have decreased while many have soared up the rankings. As for Sacramento Kings forward Tyreke Evans, he has been ranked at number 69. In ESPN’s 2011 rankings, Tyreke was ranked at 47, decreasing 22 spots in the rankings. Evans averaged 16.5 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 4.5 assists a game for Sacramento last year, but he hasn’t played at the level he is capable of. Tyreke had an astounding rookie season, but his stats have been regressing ever since.

Evans has the talent to stay in the Top 50, but since he hasn’t proved himself in the last few years, it becomes less and less likely of him seing it again. Playing in his contract year, Evans still has a chance to prove himself and silence critics. He will try hard to earn that big contract, because if he has another bad season, his pay will decrease. Evans has many talents, whether it’s his height or his ability to attack the rim. Tyreke can use his moves to get past defenders and  to get easy baskets. Tyreke will try to play the small forward position due to the breakout seasons Marcus Thornton and Isaiah Thomas had.

This former Rookie of the Year has been injured throughout his life, and now that he is back to 100%, he will be ready to excel against the competition. Throughout his brief career, Evans has been the best scorer for the Kings. He was said to be the future star in the NBA, but he hasn’t lived up to that title. Evans is still very young and is ready to lead his team to the playoffs.

By: Charlie DiSturco

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