Breaking Down The Dallas Mavericks 2012-2013 Season Matchups-Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavaliers

By Derek Ayala
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

vs Sacramento Kings

—–LAST YEAR RESULTS—–                               —–UPCOMING MEETINGS—–
JAN 14 @ DALLAS: W 99-60                          DEC 10 @ DALLAS
MAR 9 @ SACRAMENTO: L 110-97               JAN 10 @ SACRAMENTO
APR 10 @ DALLAS: W 110-100                      FEB 13 @ DALLAS
MAVS WON SERIES 2-1                            


The Sacramento Kings will have a lot to play for this year, even if the NBA World doesn’t see it. The fans in Sacramento need to help their team succeed if they are wanting them to stay in their city. If the Kings have a bad season yet again, then the Maloof family may move them sooner rather than later.

The Kings have a lot of young talent on their team and with the right coaching staff and the right chemistry, they could be a team that could squeeze into the post-season. With young players like Tyreke Evans, Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thorton, DeMarcus Cousins and Aaron Brooks, the Kings have a great outlook in their near future. However, being a young team in the Western Conference, it may be hard to succeed with 40 plus wins.

The four match ups against the Dallas Mavericks should be fun to watch. With a young team like the Kings and with young talent that the Mavs acquired this off-season, both teams may look for the fast break to take advantage of the other. For the Kings to come out with a victory against these Mavs, they are going to need to use that fast break after every rebound to slow down this Dallas team. The Mavs may have young players like Darren Collison, O.J. Mayo and Rodrigue Beaubois, but I still do not think that they are fast enough for this Kings team. If the Mavericks are able to develop their newly drafted rookies Jared Cunningham, Jae Crowder and James Bernard throughout the season, then in the match ups later in the year, the Kings and Mavs would have a great “run and gun” type of game.

For the Mavericks to come up on top, they are going to need to stop the Kings from taking advantage of all the fast break points in transition. That’s where Delonte West comes into play. West will be able to slow down Evans, Brooks and Thomas–not all at once, of course. However, stopping one player could cause bad decisions and the Mavericks have proved in the past that they take care of those bad decisions that other teams make.

To stop the Kings from taking it down quickly down the court after a rebound is to be consistent with the jump shots. We have seen time and time again that when Dirk Nowitzki gets going, there is no stopping him and if Mayo can produce like Jason Terry did for the Mavericks, then the Mavs will be hard to stop on the offensive end. That’s why for the Kings, they are going to need to take advantage of every missed opportunity the Mavs make.

These four games may mean nothing the Mavs fans or Kings fans, but the fact is that these four games are games that the Mavericks are suppose to win. Every loss to a below .500 team usually discourages a team and it will show in games after a loss to a team like this. That means winning every game for teams like the Kings is important for team chemistry and for the team’s momentum throughout the regular season.


Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

vs Cleveland Cavaliers

—–LAST YEAR RESULTS—–                               —–UPCOMING MEETINGS—–
FEB 4 @ CLEVELAND: L 91-88                       NOV 17 @ CLEVELAND
MAVS LOST SERIES 1-0                             


It may be a long long season for the Cleveland Cavaliers. With no improvement this off-season–in my opinion–the Cavaliers may again be on the bottom of the standings. With young Kyrie Irving coming into this season after leading with 18.5 points a game and 5.4 assists a game, the Cavs need to make big moves and put players around this young man if this team ever wants to get to where they were when they had LeBron James. There was a reason why James left and, by putting nobody around their key franchise star in Irving, the Cavs are putting themselves back in the same position, but talking about the Cavaliers in failing to put great talent around their franchise player is a topic for another time.

For the Cavaliers to beat Dallas, the Cavaliers are going to need to stop Elton Brand, Chris Kaman and Collison from going to the paint. Putting the Mavericks big men in foul trouble will help Cleveland stay close with the Mavs all throughout the four quarters. The Mavs have shown in the past that when in foul trouble, they turn toward their shooting rather than their driving in the paint. If the Mavericks are on a off night in their shooting the Cavaliers could sneak out in either of the two games with a win.

The Cavs beat the Mavericks in their only meeting last year 91-88 with Irving scoring 20 points and Anderson Varejao scoring 17. Antawn Jamison also had 19 points in their win last year, but Jamison is no longer on the team, meaning that leaves almost 20 points that the Cavs need someone to step up to take. Acquiring C.J. Miles may be the person the Cavs turn to in a situation where Irving is not on his game. Miles can score over 20 when need be and being on a team that still seems like they are in a rebuilding phase, it may help give him an opportunity to take advantage of that and become the go to guy that Irving will need. If Miles is not the person who is able to make up the 20 points that Jamison left behind, then the Cavs may be looking at a double-digit loss in both match ups.

As for the Mavericks the only thing that they need to do is to use all their weapons. Using Kaman and Brand in the paint, taking advantage of the fast break opportunities and of course Nowitzki getting 20-30 points, the Mavericks should be able to blow out both games. I have mentioned in the past that games like these are games the Mavericks are suppose to be up by 20 or more points going into the half and if that’s so, then they can give the older players a rest. Rest is key for the Mavs’ success this season and without rest comes injuries, so then the Mavs will have problems if something like that happens to them any time this season.

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