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Can John Wall Truly Break Out in 2012?

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Tom Szczerbowski-US Presswire

John Wall is entering his third year with the Washington Wizards and he has had a disappointing couple of years, to say the least. Nobody is calling him a bust, as he has put up solid numbers to the tune of 16 points and eight assists per game. However, for a player who was given the reins to the squad from day 1, he has so far underwhelmed in this role.

That’s not to say that all this is his fault, as he has had very bad teammates the last two years. He has had teammates with questionable work ethic, he has had teammates with questionable basketball IQ and he has had teammates with poor professionalism and selfish “me-first” personalities. Now as he enters his third year with the Wizards, Wall has the chance to finally move on from all of the question marks from yesteryear.

The team has finally gotten rid of some of its distractions as they have traded away Javale McGee and Nick Young and amnestied Andray Blatche this off-season. They have also brought in excellent character guys who can provide good leadership and take away some of the pressure off of Wall. Nene and Trevor Ariza are good pick-ups and third overall pick Bradley Beal could really help Wall with his shooting.

Now is the time for Wall to really break out of his shell and become one of the best point guards in the game. All of the distractions are now gone and he can just concentrate on the game of basketball. He has the talent and potential to be great and all he has do is to really trust his jump shot. If his jump shot improves and opponents start respecting that midrange game, that could truly open up his game where he can use his great court vision to set up open teammates. It is now all up to him. If he doesn’t break out this year, then all of the criticisms will be justified. If he doesn’t break out this year, then pundits will know that he will just be a good second or third option. He needs to seize the day and prove to his doubters and his fans that he is still here and he is not going anywhere.