J.R Smith: "I'm Going to Kick Jeremy Lin's Tail"

By Nir Regev

J.R Smith and his brother Chris Smith, visited a group of kids this weekend and represented the New York Knicks in classic Knicks fashion. They spoke about a variety of important questions such as: Jeremy Lin, how to get your brother on the team, and how to make 1 out of 14 shots and not get benched. You might be wondering to yourself when is the right time to tell a group of ten year olds you’re gonna beat a formerly inspiring teammates ass? There is never a wrong time.

Straight from the Twitter’s mouth:

The fact that ninety kids showed up with little to no advertising shows just how dedicated Knicks fans truly are. That’s an entire seasons worth of attendance for the Charlotte Bobcats.

Smith and Smith, plan to whoop Lin’s ass this season. And by that, they mean pullup from halfcourt and chuck. That’ll show Lin who’s boss around here!

Lin was destroying Knicks chemistry and camaraderie with all his emphasis on passing and lack of ISO movement. It was a chemistry killer, Knicks don’t need that, they need winners. They need three point shots, Isiah Thomas, and the 8th seed. Otherwise it just wouldn’t be the Knicks.

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