The Tale of Steve Novak

By Thomas Duffy
Debby Wong – US Presswire

Unless you are an avid follower of the NBA, you probably do not know who Steve Novak is. He is not a household name, but after this season, you can expect that to change. Novak is the deadliest shooter in the NBA, leading the league in 3PT% made, knocking down 47.2 percent of his three point attempts. He is such a vital part of the New York Knicks offense, as he is able to stretch the defense and make room for Carmelo Anthony and A’mare Stoudemire to take their defenders one on one. If the defense sags off of Novak and tries to clog up the paint? Odds are you will see him do his “Discount Triple Check” celebration after he makes a shot from beyond the arc.

There is more to Novak than just making three pointers in one of the most electric and wild sports arenas in the world, Madison Square Garden. Like all basketball players, he has a story and has traveled a long journey to get where he is today. Novak averaged 20(PPG)-10(RPG)-5(APG) as a senior in high school and was named Wisconsin High School Boys’ Basketball Player of the Year. He went on to play at Marquette and put together an illustrious college career, playing alongside Dwyane Wade as they took the Golden Eagles to the Final Four in 2002-2003. Novak won the ESPN College Three Point Shooting Contest, scored 41 points against #2 UCONN and was eventually drafted in the second round by the Houston Rockets in 2006.

Upon reaching the NBA, Novak was tossed around the from Rockets to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers (Developmental League Team), the Los Angeles Clippers, the Dallas Mavericks, the Reno Bighorns (Developmental League Team), the San Antonio Spurs and finally the Knicks. Before reaching New York (signing for the veteran’s minimum) in 2011, Novak had been traded, dropped, cut and sent to the D-League despite how well he had played.

But now he can call the Big Apple his home after dropping 19 points on back to back nights in January, 20 points (6-10 3PT) against the Portland Trailblazers in March and 25 points (8-10 3PT) on the Boston Celtics in April.  Over the summer, he signed a four-year deal worth $15 million dollars and tweeted “So blessed to be able the play in The Garden for 4 more years!!!” followed by a picture of himself signing the deal. Novak has become a favorite amongst both his fans and his teammates. He has everyone doing the Discount Triple Check and even has a great nickname given to him by Walt Clyde Frazier: “Novakaine.”

This year, with a new deal in place, Novak will have irrefutable confidence in his league leading three point stroke. New York’s sharp shooter looks to have the Knicks “Triple Checking” deep into the postseason.

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