Boston Celtics: Center Kevin Garnett Has A No Trade Clause, But Still Could Be Dealt

By Rob Nelson
Greg M Cooper -US Presswire

BOSTON- Boston Celtics fans that want to see Kevin Garnett retire a member of the Celtics got some great news today. Mark Deeks tweeted today that KG became the fourth player in the history of the NBA to score a full no trade clause in his latest contract with Boston. Seeing as how KG will be almost forty when this deal expires and the fact he has the power to veto any trade, means KG remaining in Boston for his career’s end is very likely.

However,the scenario of KG retiring a Celtic is not a certainty by any stretch of the imagination despite the power to veto any trade. KG does have the power to refuse any trade that Boston has included him in, but KG also has the power to waive that no trade clause at any time. I realize that right now KG is a very loyal guy, that loves Boston, and wants to retire a Celtic. The problem is that occurrences can happen to change those feelings pretty quickly.

One only needs to look at his former teammate Ray Allen to see how quickly scenarios change in the NBA. One minute Ray was a vital part of the Celtics that loved the team and the city. Not one person felt that Ray would ever leave this city in say 2009 or even 2011 after he signed a discounted extension to stay in Boston. People assumed that Allen would retire a Celtic.

A couple years later and Ray could not get out of town fast enough. If Ray had a no trade clause, he would have waived it to get out of Boston. The situation had changed for Ray. Avery Bradley had taken his starting job. Ray was unhappy that the Celtics had gone from the “Big Three’s” team to Rajon Rondo‘s team. Ray felt that Rondo was not the guy to be in charge and the veterans should reign. Unfortunately for Ray, Celtics head coach Doc Rivers felt very differently. The Celtics shopped Ray around and he took that as disrespect and the team did not want him. Thus Ray Allen did what many would think would be unthinkable and leave for less money this off season.

The situation could change for KG as well. What if in the next couple of seasons father time sets in on the Celtics aging pieces like Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry. What if Jeff Green does not work out and continues to not realize his potential? What if Rajon Rondo does not take the next step to superstardom? What if the rookies Fab Melo and Jared Sullinger do not pan out for whatever reason. If any of those scenarios happens than Boston will cease to be a winning franchise sooner than later.

Would KG really want to finish out his career on a team in that is not a contender? What if a contender with a real shot at an NBA title were to call Boston and offer them a few pieces for KG? Does anyone really believe the competitive KG would rather play meaningless games for the Celtics with his career winding down over meaning flu games that matter as he chases one more title? The answer to that question is a resounding is no. KG would waive his no trade clause in a heart beat to play for the contender. Even the loyalist in KG would be satisfied by rationalizing that he had helped the Celtics franchise by bringing in key young pieces for their future much like the scenario was when Boston traded for KG despite KG’s loyalties to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The fact is KG is probably going to retire a Boston Celtic with this no trade clause in his contract. This is great news for me because I want to see KG finish his career a Celtic and have number five join the rest of the Celtics legends in the rafters of the Garden. KG deserves to have these honors and deserves the no trade clause.

The problem is to say KG retiring a Celtic is iron clad and a certainty is dead wrong. Celtics President Danny Ainge could still deal KG should he get him to waive that no trade clause. Scenarios change all the time. I hope nothing changes in Boston with KG, but I have learned the sad fact that anything can happen in the world of the NBA and KG being dealt is still a possibility. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!

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