NBA Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade Excited About Miami Heat’s Shooters

US PRESSWIRE-Steve Mitchell

Dwyane Wade has expressed excitement about all the shooters he will play with on the Miami Heat.

Wade is entering his 10th season with the Heat and has been blessed to play with a number of players who will eventually end up in the Hall of Fame. Wade has played with Shaquille O’Neal, Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh. But none of those guys can shoot like Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Mike Miller, James Jones, Shane Battier, or Mario Chalmers. This is by far the greatest collection of shooters Wade has ever played with in his NBA career and he realizes it.

“We’ve got a great bunch of guys to choose from,” Wade said. “We’ve got some of the best 3-point shooters the NBA has ever seen. So it’s kind of pick your poison.”

Wade will be able to drive and kick more this season than he may have ever been able to before.

Wade has always been a great scorer and attacker of the rim but after his knee injuries last season it became apparent that he may have lost a step but with the all the shooters Miami has it may not even matter.

Before the 2010 off-season it became obvious that the Heat needed to bring in some offensive weapons to take pressure off of Wade and since that particular off-season pressure on Wade to be the end all be all on offense has been completely diminished. Wade from 2008-2010 was the Heat’s primary scorer and playmaker, now Wade has the liberty to have superstar talent and not be the primary scorer or the primary playmaker.

Wade is happy that the lane will open a lot more with all the shooters down in South Beach