NBA Rumors: Are These The Uniforms The Brooklyn Nets Will Wear?

By Ryan Gaydos

There is high anticipation this season for the Brooklyn Nets. It almost seems like the New Jersey Nets never even existed because of the hype surrounding this team that is lead by key returner, point guard, Deron Williams.

With the Nets unveiling the Barclays Center a week or so ago, it is almost time for the franchise to unveil the new uniforms. However, posted a photo Wednesday of these bad boys:

Courtesy of

Are these the Nets’ new uniforms?

There have been a lot of rumors concerning the new uniforms. Some say that screenshots from the new Jay-Z produced NBA 2K13 may have shed some light on what the jerseys may look like. I have also done my own personal research and have discovered a mock up of the possible jersey. Out of all three that I have seen, the one that was released Wednesday is by far the best one I have seen.

If these are the black ones, what will be the home or away color? Will the Nets still use red? Is the franchise planning on having a throw back night or two where they honor the New Jersey and New York Nets? There are still many questions to be answered but if these are the one of the jerseys that the team will use, they look sick.

If the team can come through on a playoff spot this season, it will put the icing on the move. Everyone is excited for Brooklyn this season and hopefully, the Nets are too.

The Nets play the New York Knicks Nov. 1 to open up the season and the Barclays Center.

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