What You'll See Coming Up From the Barclays Center's Subway Stop

By Stephen Cho
Ed Mullholland- US Presswire

For as long as the Brooklyn Nets have been an NBA team, it’s always been a struggle for fans to get to games. It was hard enough to get fans to come to games as it was, with the team consistently being one of the worst in the league; and, the fact that it was such a burden to get to the games didn’t help at all.

To this day, every time I pass the IZOD Center (the Nets’ penultimate arena), I just sigh and shake my head. It just seems so cruel that the NBA would allow a professional sports team to play in such an appalling, isolated location. If you wanted to grab a bite to eat before or after the game, you literally would have to drive at least 30 minutes down the highway before you reached a place that sold food. Nicknamed “the swamp” for a reason, the IZOD Center was unfair to the fans, players, coaches, and basketball gods.

With this in mind, Nets fans were obviously excited when the team had announced to move to the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. The organization promised a convenient location where you could drive to, take the train to, or walk to. However, the arena wasn’t nearly as convenient as most thought. On more than one occasion, my brother and I found ourselves sprinting for about 5 miles to catch the train. The end result was usually not being able to buy any merchandise at the games and being completely drenched in sweat for the 20 minute train ride.

Relocating once again, this time to Brooklyn, the Nets have promised another convenient location to fans. With a subway stop right under the Barclays Center, fans were expecting something like the New York Knicks Madison Square Garden- what they got instead was much better.


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