Pacers Forward Danny Granger Gets the New iPhone 5 Via Twitter

By joshdhani
Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE

On Friday, many people stood in line at every Apple, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint store you could think of to get their hands on the new iPhone 5. For Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger, he isn’t about that life.

With packed lines everywhere and the phones sold out thanks to millions upon millions of pre-orders, Granger wasn’t going to waste his time trying to get a chance by standing in line. And when time is money, Granger decided to let someone buy it for him on Twitter.

“Anyone wanna go get me an iPhone at the Keystone Mall? I’ll buy yours and mine if you wait in line :)” Granger tweeted Friday.

Thanks to him having over 160,000 followers on his Twitter account, some fans out there were willing enough to do it for the star Indiana player. However, with no response after his first tweet, Granger decided to go at it again.

“Is anyone at the KEYSTONE MALL at the APPLE STORE!!!” he wrote.

The Keystone Mall is actually about 20 minutes away from me. Heck, I’d probably be one of the ones who could have done that for Granger, but I made the move to get my iPhone 5 online last week on the AT&T website. It’s pretty much done wonders for me!

However, lucky enough, Granger found one loyal follower who was willing to do it, and he was third in line.

Sure enough, he got his sleek, black iPhone 5.

Every athlete should try this scheme. It worked out perfectly for Granger.


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