Serge Ibaka Heads Back To Congo

By Eli Friedman

When players become NBA players, they often forget who got them there, and the people who were always there for them when no one believed in them.  However, those who go back to their heritage and background are the ones who build a strong fan base, and respect around the league. In this case, Serge Ibaka has become an idol, and a life changer in Congo, his hometown.

When entering Congo, there was a sign that read: “Bienvenue a’ Notre Idol Serge Ibaka Vice Champion de la NBA USA”. In translation, means “Welcome has’ Our Idol Serge Ibaka  of the NBA”

Watching Ibaka talk and connect with the people in Congo really touched me. It truly touched me, how much loyalty Ibaka has to his hometown. Not many people in the world have the ability to be an idol, and a mentor not only in the  city they grew up in, but a whole country.  I know plenty of players who will forget about who got them to where they are today, and the people who care about them. Not Ibaka.

After this trip to Congo in the summer, Serge will look to build off a great year, and an Olympic run for gold with Spain.

Two side notes:

  1. Can I say anything more about how stylish Serge has been lately? Looks like he’s taking fashion advice from Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant
  2. It looks like there is a good amount of talent in Congo. Lookout for Serge Ibaka Jr.


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