Toronto Raptors: Jalen Rose Reveals Details To Vince Carter Body-slam On Sam Mitchell In 2004

By Sachin Arora
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

The Toronto Raptors had something special with Vince Carter leading the team. He was a legitimate star and number one option, capable of carrying a team to a championship with the right pieces. It’s a shame it didn’t work out.

Carter’s relationship with the head office seemed to be the biggest problem. Who knows exactly what the problem was, but obviously Carter had some issues. When ex coach Sam Mitchell approached him about his play and injuries, they got into a fight and Carter allegedly slammed Mitchell to the ground. Now that ex-Raptor Jalen Rose has testified to this, the story is officially public and Mitchell and Carter could also be interviewed in the near future.

This was a clear turning point; there was no going back. At this point, it was either Mitchell or Carter leaving, and sure enough, Carter was traded for a bag of peanuts not too far after. Sure, it’s easy to joke about this now, but this was a serious issue for the Raptors at the time, and with a broken locker room it’s almost impossible to be successful.

Now, I can say that Dwane Casey definitely does a better job of discipline his players, and there won’t likely be any disputes like this one. The current Raptors squad has great chemistry and enjoy playing with each other, and respect the coach.

It truly is disappointing that the Raptors couldn’t keep their core of Tracy McGrady and Carter in tact, but that’s all the past now, and it’s time to forget.

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