Boston Celtics: PG Rajon Rondo Is The Leader And Is Ready To Bust Out

By Rob Nelson
Greg M Cooper -US Presswire

BOSTON- I owe Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo an apology. Earlier this summer I wrote a piece that was critical of Rondo’s busy summer of interning at GQ, his commercials with ESPN, and other activities that seemed to be taking away from the working on his game. While I long for a man to put the ridiculous all consuming workout regiment that legends like Larry Bird and Bill Russell put in every summer in order to be ready for the up coming season, I truly believe that Rondo has spent the time in the gym this summer that is necessary to became a member of the NBA‘s elite.

Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers in a recent interview let the world know that he was very happy with his star point guard. The ever maturing Rondo really took the leadership role and made the team his last year, but he continued to further that this off season. First Rondo hit the Summer league to cheer on his young and new teammates. Do not think the fact that the team’s star point guard took time out of his life to go and get to know his new teammates and show support was lost on his teammates. There is a good chance that these young guys are going to respect their new leader for taking the time out to help them adjust to being Celtics.

After the Celtics stumbled last year out of the gate with many within the organization blaming the fact the team was not ready to show up and compete, Rondo set out to solve that problem by getting the team together and making sure they were ready to roll from day one of training camp. Rondo would organize complete team practices the entire summer that went between five to six hours a day. Rondo was determined not to make the same mistakes that were made last season.

The fact is Rondo has been working out all summer. Rondo like Bird and Russell is consumed with winning and knows that him getting better is the only way the Celtics have a chance to win an NBA tile. This is why Rondo was working out five to six hours a day with his teammates. These workouts are just the advertised ones. The fact is Rondo looks like he has hit the gym hard every day with a stronger looking frame. I can only imagine the hardwood was worn out as well because why get your body stronger if you are not going to get better with your game.

Rondo is in the best shape of his career. Rondo’s dominant playoff performance gave the world a taste of how great Rondo could be. Rondo tasted that greatness as well. Rondo stepped up to the plate and has answered the questions with the right answers thus far that have prevented him from that consistent greatness. People questioned Rondo’s leadership and maturity. Rondo has answered the bell this off season by showing the world that this Celtics team is his by leading the workout program. People have questioned his work ethic. Rondo has put the work in to show that he is in the best condition of his entire career. If Rondo starts knocking down the jump shot consistently that has eluded him his entire career due to work this off season lookout NBA. Judging by the results so far on the other Rondo fronts, one should plan on Rondo dominating the NBA this season with a consistent jump shot. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!

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