Chicago Bulls work out Kyrylo Fesenko

By Zach Mink


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The Chicago Bulls worked out free agent center Kyrylo Fesenko Monday, according to a tweet from the former Utah Jazz reserve.

The 7-1 big has spent five years in the NBA, including a brief stint in 2012 with the Indiana Pacers. Fesenko has averaged 2.3 points and 2 rebounds in only 8.2 minutes per game, and would likely continue to see spotty minutes if he eventually does make the Bulls roster.

Fesenko seemed to have some confusion about the current Bulls roster, as he mentioned former “Bench Mob” members Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver, who he played with while in Utah.

The tweet:

@kyrylofesenko: Just landed in Chicago. Tomorrow I have a workout with the Bulls. Really excited to see Korver, Boozer and Brewer!

Then, later in the day:

@kyrylofesenko: My bad, people. I didn’t know, that Kyle and Ronnie is gone from Chicago. Thank you for info.

Fesenko was undoubtedly disappointed about his Utah buddies being gone, as many Chicago fans likely are as well. The bench was ripped apart this offseason, largely due to financial reasons (A.K.A. Jerry Reinsdorf being cheap).

At 7-1 and a bruising (and a little doughy) 288 pounds, Fesenko could fill a role behind Joakim Noah in the Bulls rotation. Newly acquired Nazr Mohammed is a solid option, but at 6-10, 220 pounds is tiny compared to the massive Fesenko. With Omer Asik now in Houston, the Bulls could use Fesenko to gain back that size advantage in an Eastern Conference without many bruising big men (outside of Andrew Bynum).

Here’s a mix of Fesenko highlights in his limited minutes in the NBA:


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