New Orleans Hornets Sell Most Tickets Ever

By Michael Elworth

Bob Donnan- US Presswire

According to the New Orleans Hornets, they have already sold more season tickets for the upcoming season than ever before. The additions to the team are a massive reason for this, as they were able to draft potential superstar Anthony Davis first overall, they stole guard Austin Rivers at tenth overall, traded for last season’s Most Improved player, Ryan Anderson and re-signed star two-guard Eric Gordon. Because of these moves, this is now a roster truly on the rise. The addition of new owner Tom Benson who also owns the beloved New Orleans Saints has to have had an effect as well, as local New Orleans residents know that he will put out a winning product. It is very safe to say that the team is now in an upwards trajectory and has one of the best young rosters in the entire NBA.

It is a great sign that the tickets are starting to sell in greater numbers as the Hornets have had trouble filling the stadium, as many smaller market teams do. It just goes to show that the possibility of a winning product on the court can grow hope and excitement in a city. The team will not be fighting the Saints for New Orleans supremacy anytime soon, but this is a great step in building fanfare in the Big Easy. The team may not make the playoffs this year, but they are young, talented and have built something that could be special in a year or two.

If just the buzz of having an improving team boosts attendance, next year could prove to be even better if the team shows that they truly are an up and coming team. If the team shows the potential the team hopes they have, there should be an even greater rise in 2013-14. One thing is for sure, it is an exciting time to be a Hornets fan, as they have one of the best young cores in the entire league. The hardest part is having to wait to see the much talked about new look Hornets squad.

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