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Boston Celtics: Who is the primary backup center?

Boston Celtics


The Boston Celtics signed both Darko Milicic and Jason Collins this off season as potential true back up centers to Kevin Garnett.  Both players have great size for the position and now must prove that they still have something left in the tank to help the team out.  Both are journeymen who are playing for their last meal so to speak.  Can either of them help the team?  Can the team rely upon them?  Who will play more as the backup center?

At this moment in time, I actually think Milicic will be the first call for the backup center position.  Again, this isn’t like life or death, as this position will very rarely see more than 10 minutes per game, but nonetheless, is still worth talking about.  Milicic is younger than Collins and is slightly better on the offensive end.  It really isn’t a stretch to label Collins as potentially the worst offensive player in the game amongst qualifying contenders.  Basically, among people who play enough minutes to warrant being placed in that category.  Someone like Dj Mbenga, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, would not qualify because he never saw the light of day.  Collins provides the team a solid veteran presence and decent pick and roll defense; however, Milicic’s slight offensive advantages might put him over the top.

I think at this stage of the game, Milicic will be head coach Doc Rivers first call off the bench to play backup center.  This could be a moot point all together if he decides to play small most of the time, which would then mean that neither Collins nor Milcic would play at all.  Brandon Bass, Jeff Green, and rookie Jared Sullinger would help fill in during smaller lineups.  Either way, the Celtics have nice depth in the front court and can mix and match many lineups depending on their opponent.


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