Miami Heat's Chris Bosh Wants Team to 'Get Greedy' About Titles

By Daniel Carpio
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE


When the Miami Heat made their coup in 2010 of landing LeBron James and Chris Bosh to go alongside Dwyane Wade, they decided to to hold a party for their fans at American Airlines Arena.

It was there that James made the now famous ‘not five, not six, not seven…’ comment that has become a source of ridicule for Miami.

Now with a title under their belts , it’s now the quietest member of the Heat’s ‘Big 3’ that is making similar noise.

In an interview with Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press, Bosh talked about how Miami should build a dynasty and ‘get greedy’ when it comes to NBA championships. He stated that he was thinking a Heat dynasty in a five to six year span. That is the same amount of time left in the contracts of him, James, and Wade should they not exercise their opt out clauses.

This bravado is unusual for Bosh. He is widely considered the quietest member of the Miami trio. While unusual, it’s not surprising for Bosh to come out of left field with his actions. This is noted by him making various ‘videobomb’ appearances during post game interviews. Another instance of this is his YouTube account where Bosh has uploaded comedy sketches including one where he acted like a car salesman urging people to vote him to the NBA All Star game in 2008.

Bosh’s statement most likely will not get as much spotlight as James’ statement, but it does carry validity. The Heat are coming off their second NBA Finals appearance in a row in the ‘Big 3’ era. Miami also have James and Bosh under contract in their prime. The only question mark would be Wade given hig age and playing style. Even with that possible hurdle not too far away few expect Wade to have a significant drop off in his skills.

A championship has afforded Bosh the opportunity to talk like this. It also serves as a notice to the rest of the NBA that Miami won’t back down so easily against a wiser and hungrier Oklahoma City Thunder team and a revamped Los Angeles Lakers team.

The Heat have a legitimate thought at a dynasty, Bosh just decided to say that out loud.

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