Minnesota Timberwolves Center Kevin Love Takes Shot At Brook and Robin Lopez

By Ryan Gaydos



‘Tis the season to start the smack talk. When all the records are the same, it is the perfect time to be talking about other players. Minnesota Timberwolves center, Kevin Love, took it upon himself to start jawing his mouth when he took a picture using the Instagram app and describing himself as “just chillin’ with brothers Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez.”

In the photo, Love clearly is making a joke about how mammoth-sized the Lopez twins are and how you could mistake them for cavemen, I guess.

Love is the man in Minnesota right now, but with players like Ricky Rubio still on the mend, he should start focusing more on his team than the up start Brooklyn Nets or the young New Orleans Hornets team that has stars like Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers ready to make an impact.

The Hornets and the Nets both made huge improvements this season as the Timberwolves’ only big name player they came to terms with was Andrei Kirilenko. What is Love going to do this season? For the Timberwolves, the team is definitely going to need more than Love to get them more than a couple of wins this season.

For the Nets and Hornets, both Lopez brothers are going to be key for them this season. Robin will hopefully see more playing time this year as Brook’s role with the Nets increases as the talent that surrounds him gets bigger. Brook was out for a majority of the 2011-12 season with ankle problems.

Love needs to keep to himself.

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